Happy Holidays

May your celebrations be safe, happy,

and filled with friends, family, peace, joy, and love.


Author: WOL

My burrow, "La Maison du Hibou Sous Terre" is located on the flatlands of West Texas where I live with my computer, my books, and a lot of yarn waiting to become something.

4 thoughts on “Happy Holidays”

  1. And to you! I want you to know that I follow your posts here even when I don’t get to any other “social” posts (Facebook? Twitter? Instagram?), and I think of you fondly. I cheer you on with Mom (been there- you’re doing great!), and follow the knitting with interest even though I have 8 thumbs and can’t even crochet. (My left-handed mother tried and tried and tried to teach me to no avail.)
    Sorry you haven’t heard from me much this year; severe health problems and the vagaries of a practice that gives me more grief than profit (75:25) have led me to the decision to close the business (which carries its own set of dead trees). I’m hoping to find a part-time remote research/discovery job that allows my d-mned body to take its midday fall-on-my-face nap, and gives me time to get some stories out and time to work on other writing.
    So here’s to a Merry Christmas, and if I don’t get back to you, A Happy New Year of health, peace, joy and love!


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