From Small Beginnings

I got to rooting about in my yarn stash and discovered I had 6 skeins of Caron Simply Soft worsted weight yarn in a color called “Ocean,” and I decided to begin my version of the new “Cable Edged Shawl” with the different edging using this yarn.

Above, I’ve already done the garter stitch tab and have knitted about 5 rows on the body of the shawl.

At right, it’s a little farther along and in the proper orientation.  You can see the 3-stitch border across the top.

The two markers on either side of the center marker are for counting purposes to help me keep track of how many stitches I’ve got.  I put a marker ever 26 stitches.  There will be 10 groups of 26 +2 =262) At the end of the last row of the body, you cast on 33 additional stitches using the knitted cast on and begin to knit on the edging.  The edging is attached with ssk’s between the last edging stitch, and one of the live body stitches.  It’s pretty cool the way the edging goes on.  I’m going to take one more project besides this one back to my knitting nook so I can switch between projects.

I had errands to run today, and I waited until around 8 o’clock this evening when things were cooling back down again to go do it.  I had three tasks I needed to accomplish.  Firstly, I needed to mail a package, and I needed to buy postage for it.  Our post offices have little self service kiosks which only take credit cards.  They are located in the lobby where the post office boxes are, which is open 24/7 (including 8 o’clock on a Sunday evening) so people can get to their boxes.   I went to the post office nearest to me only to find that the self service kiosk was not working due to “technical difficulties.”  So I got back in the car and drove to the next nearest post office, and their kiosk was not working either — “technical difficulties.”

Secondly, I needed to go to Walgreen Pharmacy to get a couple of bottles of a supplement I take, and thirdly I was out of mouth wash which I could pick up while I was there.   They were out of the supplement.  He could order it for me and have it here by Tuesday.  But as I politely pointed out, I could order it from Amazon and have it here by Tuesday (which is what I’m going to have to start doing, I guess, since I can’t find a dependable supply locally) but I came to the store because I needed it now.   I did get the bottle of mouthwash, at least, so the outing was not a total loss.  Very frustrating.