In the Home Stretch

This will probably be the last post before the move as I’ll have to take my computer apart for the move and won’t be able to assemble it back until I finally can move into the apartment (whenever that will be) and unpack my stuff (I have a desktop with two monitors that is set out on a large table on rollers. )

I have yet to hear a date when I’ll be able to move in, but I’m packing a suitcase with five days’ worth of clothes, and bringing a bin with the laundry I’ve accumulated since my washer and dryer went last Wednesday, as well as laundry detergent, dryer sheets, etc., as I will have access to a washer and dryer. I’ll also have the sheets I’m currently using on my bed and my towels. Also in that bin will be medications (mine and mom’s from home) as well as another bin with cleaning supplies (the movers won’t allow any chemicals or aerosols on their trucks).

Mom and I agreed beforehand that I would not be going up to see her until after I got moved, since I’ve just got so much on my plate right now. She has everything she needs. She is being very well looked after at Carillon House and her room is comfortable and so much nicer than her room at the Garrison. It’s so bright and cheery. She has a room to herself now and she is able to receive visits from her friends without worrying about disturbing a room mate (she had one at the Garrison).

I managed to get mom’s phone number moved to the apartment (no, I don’t know who her favorite singer is . . .). I had to go over to her house on Saturday, in the middle of Day 3 of the estate sale, and have the AT&T lady call me on her phone to prove everything was on the level. (As levels of PITA from dealing with foreign call centers go, it was relatively painless.) Because it’s VOIP protocol phone service, you need a modem box, so I was able to get her modem box, too, and will move with it — which is just as well, as my desktop does not do WiFi. (I could get a dongle for it, which I may do since the internet speed is not high through the modem.) My TV is a smart TV with WiFi capability, so that’s OK. Mom’s isn’t and will need to be connected to a cable. Anyway, once we’re in the apartment, mom will be able to use her cordless phone, which she can hear on and knows how to operate, and that will be great for her.

I got a collapsible cart from Amazon to replace the famous little red wagon that went in the estate sale. I will not be making multiple trips to schlep bags of groceries up to the apartment two at a time, thank you very much. It came Wednesday. Having this cart will make life much easier.

I have the carry on bag to pack tonight, as well as my bathroom and the hall cupboard to sort through and a couple of bins to pack. I have to run the dishwasher here in a minute so all my dishes will be clean for when they pack the kitchen tomorrow. I have the under-sink area to sort through and about 10 trash bags of junk to haul to the dumpster. I have to clear off my desk of all the little tchotchkes I have scattered about. (I must have been Victorian in another life, I’m such a clutter magnet!)

Two important things I need to pack are my eye mask and my 10-inch Kindle tablet. (Hopefully, someone will tell me the WiFi password.) (Note to self: Investigate if Nord VPN or SurfShark works with Windows 7.) (!) I think I’ll wait to wash my hair until Tuesday night. I’ll eat in the Carillon dining hall Tuesday evening for the first time. I might even do a load of clothes in the “community” washer and dryer while I’m waiting for my hair to dry. I’ll see what my energy level is like.

Tomorrow, they come to pack me. At 2 pm, the Axis water guy comes to move my RO water unit, and I will load up my fridge stuff and frozen foods and take them over then. I also have three packages to mail to my 1st cousin 2x removed.

I’ll deal with the utilities Wednesday. I’ll have the stupid Suddenlink box to return and pay my final bill with them. I need to call them tomorrow. When I do stop my service, I will lose a (land line) phone number I’ve had since 1981. Sad, but there it is. Oh, well. Onward and upward . . . .