Hissy Fitty and Equinoxious

This past week, my version of Windows Live Mail kind of spontaneously and unfixably busted, mostly because Microsoft. ( I could receive emails but not send any.)

On top of this, in January, my internet, phone and TV provider (Suddenlink) upped my bill another $20, and a guy came by pitching a bundle from AT&T which was a good $90 cheaper for the same service, which price is supposed to be good for two years.  So I hunted up my Act of Congress and switched over.  Which means I have to change all my email addresses.  Again.  So if I have to switch them anyway, I FINALLY wised up and switched them to a free independent email carrier that’s not linked to an ISP so I won’t have to change them whenever I switch ISPs again, because it is such a royal PITA to change email addresses on every cotton-picking thing in my life that requires an email addy and a password to get it to work.  Oh, and did I mention I have four email addresses, only two of which are actually used to send and receive email?

It took me a whole day and a half of utter hair-pulling, screaming, head-banging frustration to set up the new emails and get them to play nice with Mail Washer and Mozilla Thunderbird, (which is the new email program I’m using, primarily because the free version allows multiple email addresses).  The one bright spot in that vast churning maelstrom of industrial strength suckiness was that I was able to successfully migrate my list of contacts from WLM to T’bird.  I don’t like T’bird’s interface; it’s clunky and unwieldy and does a lot of stuff I don’t need done, and doesn’t do anything very logically or efficiently. . .  grumble. . . mumble . . . grumble.  Whoever decided it should take a computer AND a cellphone to create new email accounts needs some serious b*tch-slapping.  I don’t want to mention any names, but there are “G’s” involved. . .  So now I’m in the process of changing over the 9 gazillion things I need an email and a password for.

Our quote for the day:
“Sometimes I wonder what more I might have accomplished with my life, had I not spent the majority of it untangling cords.” – Gail Carriger.

OMG! Gail Carriger is a cord neatener!!!  (cue fangirl squeeing).

Because of the totally frustrating email thing, I retreated to my Kindle and reread Gail’s “San Andreas Shifter” books (kitsune drag queens, gay werewolves, and a merman named Marvin, y’all!) which are witty, funny, happily-ever-afters for the sideways set.

I ate up the Sherry ThomasLady Sherlock booksA Study in Scarlet Women, A Conspiracy in Belgravia, and The Hollow of Fear .  I enjoyed them a bunch.  Interesting premise: “Sherlock Holmes” as a young Victorian woman on the high-functioning end of the autism spectrum (Asperger’s).   Well written, especially considering the lady is not a native English speaker.

I’ve also gotten three books into the Michelle SagaraChronicles of Elantra” series, which says how good it is, if a bit predictable.

Right now, I’ve just started Charlaine HarrisMidnight Crossroad, which is the first book in a trilogy.  You might know of her from her Sookie Stackhouse series that was televised as “True Blood.”  I read the first of the Sookie Stackhouse books and it was sorta meh!.

I’m currently at 52 for books read in 2019, but to be fair some of them were novellas and short stories.

Because last week was such a b*tch, I treated myself to a new teacup.  It’s currently my favorite.  It’s a Chinese/Japanese style teacup which means it doesn’t have a handle.  It’s heavy, ceramic and also dishwasher safe.  Stash Tea’s “Breakfast in Paris” with vanilla flavored Natural Bliss is my current beverage of choice, which I’ve been belting back pretty steadily.   Dairy for calcium, y’all.

I’ve been working intermittently on my “Fuzzy Keyhole” wrap.  I had to take it off the 32-inch needle and put it on the 60-inch needle, which allowed me to get a laid flat picture to show you what it’s all about.

I’m going to go ahead and post this pattern on my pattern website even though I haven’t completed it since I’ve gotten far enough to show what it’s supposed to look like.

So much fuzzy snuggly goodness!

Alas, tis the season to be sneezin’, that equinoxious time of year when the durn Bradford pears bloom and my sinuses strenuously object to practically everything.  To heck with all of it.  I’m going to knock back some sinus meds, lie in the bed and read.


Relevant to one facing another decade birthday (30, 40, 50, etc.,).  The Calvin and Hobbes comic strip was such a wonderful thing.  He drew just exactly enough of it and then walked away.  I have all the books.  Hmmm.  May be time for a reread. . .



Yep.  What I wanted to tell a middle-school English teacher who was a squee-ing fangirl over Shakespeare.  Actually, “Romeo and Juliet” has a fairly low body count for Shakespeare, especially if you’re only counting the onstage carnage.

I love this so much.

This would be hysterically funny if the durn Bradford Pear trees  (Pyrus calleryan) that are all over town weren’t in bloom again.   At the moment, (achoo!) it’s just bitterly (achoo! . . . .ACHOO!) iron(achoo!) ic.  TWONK!  God, I hate them.