A Red Lettuce Day

To borrow a phrase from John Lennon. . . Tuesday I signed papers at the title company until the world looked level to close on mom’s house and gave all the keys and garage door opener to the realtor. Yesterday, I got a call from the title company — come get the check! So, as of yesterday afternoon, the money is in the bank and mom’s house isn’t mom’s house any more.

Once I got home, I called the utility company and told them to send us a final bill. I called the insurance company and cancelled mom’s homeowner insurance and personal liability insurance. I called AT&T and told them ‘fare thee fat-headed well’ and took the hunk of their junk to UPS like you’re supposed to.

It was a bittersweet day. Hopefully by Monday, the title company will have done their thing with the county, registering the sale, etc., and I will get the original of the power of attorney back. All I have is a copy of it. But essentially, that chapter of our lives is officially closed. There’s no going back now; we can only go forward. One day at a time.

I washed my hair this morning and it’s drying now. My cousin JP called this morning. He’s on his way in from New Mexico. He should be here by about 3 pm. Tomorrow bright and early, we will set off for his son EP’s house in Dripping Springs, where we will stay the night. Saturday, we’ll head over to Round Top to meet my cousin WM and AMcI, and attend the Bauer family reunion. We’ll spend Saturday night at EP’s house and drive back here Sunday. My cousin JP will stay the night here and drive home to New Mexico on Monday. It will be fun and exciting. I’ve never been to EP’s house in Dripping Springs, and my cousin AMcI has arranged for a tour of one of the historic homes in Round Top that I’ve always wanted to see. Stay tuned. There will be photos.