Books Read in 2022

109.	Regenesis, C. J. Cherryh (reread)
108.	Forty Thousand in Gehenna, C. J. Cherryh (reread)
107.	Cyteen, Cherryh, C. J. (Hugo Award winner) (reread)
106.	Cuckoo’s Egg, Cherryh, C. J. 
105.	*Tower of Thorns, Marillier, Juliet (re-read)
104.	*Dreamer’s Pool, Marillier, Juliet (re-read)
103.	*Howl’s Moving Castle, Jones, Diana Wynne (xreread)
102.	*Changeless, Carriger, Gail (re-re-read)
101.	*Soulless, Carriger, Gail (re-re-read)
100.	*The Shape-Changer’s Wife, Shinn, Sharon
99.	*The Goblin Emperor, Addison, Katherine
98.	*Angels of Darkness, Singh, Nalini, ed. (novella collection)
97.	*Knot of Shadows, Bujold, Lois McMaster
96.	*The Assassins of Thasalon, Bujold, Lois McMaster
95.	*Be The Serpent, McGuire, Seanan
94.	*Crystal Dragon, Lee, Sharon and Miller, Steve (re-re-re-read)
93.	*Crystal Soldier, Lee, Sharon and Miller, Steve (re-re-re-read)
	(93 & 94 are 1st and 2nd  of the 3 novels published together as “Crystal Variation”)
92.	*Scattered Among Strange Worlds, de Bodard, Aliette (short story collection)
91.	*Rarely Pure and Never Simple, Martinez, Angel
90.	*Fireheart Tiger, de Bodard, Aliette (novella)
89.	*Derelict, edited by Coe, David B and Palm, Joshua (short story collection)
88.	*Deven and the Dragon, Grayson, Eliot
87.	*A Liaden Universe Constellation, Volume 5, Miller, Steve and Lee, Sharon (short story collection) (reread)
86.	*The Firebird and Other Stories, Cooper, R.
85.	*Like a Gentleman, Grayson, Eliot
84.	*Forest of Memory, Kowall, Mary Robinette (novella) (reread)
83.	*Talking to Dragons, Wrede, Patricia (re-re-reread)
82.	*Calling on Dragons, Wrede, Patricia (re-re-reread)
81.	*Searching For Dragons, Wrede, Patricia (re-re-reread)
80.	*Dealing With Dragons, Wrede, Patricia (re-re-reread)
79.	*Drowned Country, Tesh, Emily
78.	*Deliberation, Cherry, C. J. (short story) (xreread)
77.	*Invitation, Cherryh, C. J. (short story) (xreread)
76.	*A Case of Possession, Charles, K. J. (re-re-reread)
75.	*The Magpie Lord, Charles, K. J. (re-re-reread)
74.	*Touch Not The Cat, Stewart, Mary
73.	*Realm of Ash, Suri Tasha
72.	*Empire of Sand, Suri Tasha
71.	*Dreams of Distant Shores, McKillip, Patricia
70.	*Heart Stone, White, Elle Katharine
69.	*Meat Cute, Carriger, Gail (re-re-reread) (novella)
68.	*Ambush or Adore, Carriger, Gail (re-re-reread)
67.	*The Missing Page, Sebastian, Cat
66.	*Hither, Page, Sebastian, Cat (reread)
65.	*How to Marry a Werewolf, Carriger, Gail (re-re-reread)
64.	*Defy or Defend, Carriger, Gail (re-re-reread)
63.	*Poison or Protect, Carriger, Gail (re-re-reread)
62.	*Manners and Mutiny, Carriger, Gail (re-re-reread)
61.	*Waistcoats and Weaponry, Carriger, Gail (re-re-reread)
60.	*Curtsies and Conspiracies, Carriger, Gail (re-re-reread)
59.	*Ettiquette and Espionage, Carriger, Gail (re-re-reread)
58.	*The Botanist’s Apprentice, Powell, Arden
57.	*Of Books, Earth, and Courtship, de Bodard, Aliette
56.	*The Tea Master and the Detective, de Bodard, Aliette (re-read)
55.	*Of Charms, Ghosts and Grievances, de Bodard, Aliette
54.	*The House of Binding Thorns, de Bodard, Aliette
53.	*The House of Sundering Flames, de Bodard, Aliette 
52.	*The House of Shattered Wings, de Bodard, Aliette
51.	*Of Dragons, Feasts and Murder, de Bodard, Aliette
50.	*The Citadel of Weeping Pearls, de Bodard, Aliette
49.	*The Memory Theater, Tidbeck, Karin
48.	*Little Wolf, Cooper, R.
47.	*Lore and Lust, Nikoll, Karla
46.	*Snowspelled, Burgis, Stephanie
45.	*A Psalm for the Wild Built, Chambers, Becky
44.	*Song For The Basilisk, McKillip, Patricia
43.	*First Blood, Grayson, Eliot
42.	*Quiet House, Morton, Lily
41.	Cloud’s Rider, Cherryh, C. J. (re-re-read)
40.	Rider at the Gate, Cherryh, C. J. (re-re-read)
39.	*Lost and Found, Grayson, Eliot
38.	*The Witch’s Familiar, Nichol, T. J. 
37.	*The Alpha Contract, Grayson, Eliot
36	Whiskey and Water, Bear, Elizabeth (re-read)
35.	Blood and Iron, Bear, Elizabeth (re-read)
34.	When Blood Lies, Harris, C. S. 
33.	The Book of Atrix Wolfe, McKillip, Patricia (reread)
32.	*Captive Mate, Greyson, Eliot
31.	*A Very Armitage Christmas, Greyson, Eliot
30.	*Alpha’s Warlock, Greyson, Eliot
29.	*Lost Touch, Greyson, Eliot
28.	The Faded Sun:  Kutath, Cherryh, C. J.
27.	The Faded Sun:  Shon’Jir, Cherryh, C. J.
26.	The Faded Sun:  Kesrith, Cherryh, C. J. 
25.	*The Long and Winding Road, Klune, T. J.
24.	*The Art of Breathing, Klune, T. J.
23.	*Who We Are, Klune, T. J. 
22.	*Bear, Otter, and the Kid, Klune, T. J. 
21	*Under the Whispering Door, Klune, T. J.
20.	*The House in the Cerulean Sea, Klune, T. J. 
19.	*A Shadow in Summer, Abraham, Daniel
18.	*Fluke and the Faithless Father, Burns, Sam
17.	*The Fantastic Fluke, Burns, Sam
16.	*The Tale of Two Seers, Cooper, R. 
15.	*A Boy and His Dragon, Cooper, R. 
14.	*Time’s Convert, Harkness, Deborah
13.	*Killashadra, McCaffrey, Anne
12.	*Crystal Singer, McCaffrey, Anne
11.	*Clay White, Cooper, R. 
10.	*Ravenous, Cooper, R. 
9.	*Change State, Lee, Sharon and Miller, Steve
8.	*Bread Alone, Lee, Sharon and Miller, Steve
7.	*Od Magic, McKillip, Patricia (reread)
6.	*Spells and Sensibility, Noone, K. L. and Murphy, K. S. 
5.	*Revelry, Noone, K. L.
4.	*Fire and Ink, Noone, K. L.
3.	*Some Kind of Magic, Cooper, R. 
2.	*Wyrd and Wild , English, Charlotte E. 
1.	*The Book of Life, Harkness, Deborah (reread)
* Ebook
(xreread) – reread more than four times. 

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