Two Good Things

The first good thing is that Mom’s first COVID test was negative. (Please let it stay that way!)

The other good thing concerns this bright orange cable that had been run from an outlet in my bedroom, under my bedroom door, and around the corner to my TV. As I noted earlier, the only cable outlet in the main room of my apartment is (a) beside the front door, (b) across from one of the two large windows in the room and (c) behind my china cabinet.

In order to connect my TV to the cable and internet service, I would have had to move a large china cabinet and otherwise rearrange the furniture to put my 55-inch TV opposite two large windows, or run a cable from the outlet in my bedroom under the bedroom door and around the corner. There had been a work order to relocate the outlet in my bedroom since mid April, and I had been dealing with this large orange cable getting caught in the door to the bedroom and garishly presenting a trip hazard on the way to the bathroom since then.

Thursday, when I went down to get the mail I happened to see what looked like workmen in the hallway by the pool working on something electrical in the men’s changing room. I asked one of them if they handled moving cable outlets and explained the situation to him. He said they didn’t handle that kind of thing, but that I should put in a work order. I explained I had put in a work order months ago (April). He said he’d look into it.

Yesterday morning, bright and early, there was a plong on the doorbell. Fortunately, I was up and dressed because it was a pair of workmen come to see what the situation was with the cable. I showed them the situation, they went to get some tools and materials, and this was the upshot. They dropped a connection from the hallway through the ceiling inside the coat closet (out of frame to the left) and ran it through a hole in the wall.

Then they cut pieces of this plastic cord cover stuff, stuck it to the wall and ran the cable through it along the top of the door facing, down the side of the door, and along the baseboard until it could disappear behind the book case (out of frame to the right). It’s not the most elegant solution to the problem, but it works for me. Now if I could just get decent internet service (21 mbps download, 2.1 mbps upload, and stuttering service) through it. I’m so sick of seeing that little circle chase its tail when I’m trying to stream something. . .


Author: WOL

My burrow, "La Maison du Hibou Sous Terre" is located on the flatlands of West Texas where I live with my computer, my books, and a lot of yarn waiting to become something.

2 thoughts on “Two Good Things”

  1. Great news about your Mom. Here’s to continued negativity — a good thing, in these circumstances! I’m glad you got that danged cord out of the way, too, even if it’s not an elegant solution. But goodness! That’s some slow internet speed. I’d be frustrated, too.


  2. Glad to hear that your Mom’s test is negative. As long as the wiring solution eliminates the trip hazard, I guess it doesn’t have to be the neatest.


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