Sisyphus Strikes Again

He was the one who had to roll the big rock up the hill, only just when he got it to the top, it would get away from him and roll back down, and he’d have to do it all over again. I can relate. Next week will be the highest point in my chemo cycle, when I’ll feel my best and have the most energy. The Monday after that (2/28), I’ll start my second round of chemotherapy and it’s back down the hill again.

A new plant has joined the troupe (middle), a Pachira aquatica or a “shake money tree”. I think it might actually be a P. glabra, but I don’t care. It’s unusual and drought tolerant and prefers indirect light, so win in my book. The Italian Stone Pine is on the left and Mom’s orchid on the right. Three is a nice round number, and quite enough. We’ll have to see what the light level is like when the trees in front of my windows leaf out.

I got my crown put back on Wednesday. That’ll be $150, thank you very much. I tried to get in with the dentist that bought my late dentist’s practice, but he was out of town all week. My late dentist shared his building with another dentist, and that one was able to squeeze me in late Wednesday. In looking him up to refresh my memory of the street address, I noticed that on the Google street view of the office, my car was in the parking lot, which is not surprising. I signed a release of information to get all my records transferred over. Ironically, I was having a dental implant molar done and was all the way to the point of having the crown put on it, which is the last step, when my late dentist became my late dentist, and my new dentist had to put the crown on.

I got rid of my drawer bins I was keeping my yarn stash in. I happened to see the Activities Director when I was down checking my mail. She’s also in charge of decorating the building for the various holidays. I showed her a picture of them and asked if she wanted them. Her eyes lit up like Christmas. One of her minions was promptly dispatched, and they were gone inside of 20 minutes. Always glad to contribute to a worthy cause.

Alas, if I put all my four of my new under-bed bins under the bed, there’s no room for the leg of my bed table, which means I’ve got to find another place for one of the bins. Sigh.

I may have the energy to do some more unpacking this weekend. Then again, I’m completely functional as is and those two remaining boxes are out of the taxiways.

I’ve got to get mom’s tax stuff together and get it to the accountant next week without fail. I will do that this weekend. I’m pretty sure we’ve gotten all the 1099’s and whatnot. I need to ask the guy if Mom has to sign her taxes (I would have to bring them to her to sign, and they would then have to be mailed) or can I sign them as her POA so they can be filed electronically? It would certainly make life easier if I could sign them. It’ll take me about 30 minutes to do my own taxes. I may do them this weekend. (Don’t hold your breath.)

Author: WOL

My burrow, "La Maison du Hibou Sous Terre" is located on the flatlands of West Texas where I live with my computer, my books, and a lot of yarn waiting to become something.

2 thoughts on “Sisyphus Strikes Again”

  1. Don’t let Sisyphus get the best of you. You can do it!!
    I enjoy your writing, Susan, and hope things will continue to improve for you and for Florence.


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