Hanging Fire

I know what I need to do (move in, get settled, and get hunkered down for chemo) but I can’t do any of it yet. I do have a move-in date (apartment available for move in on the 26th) but I see my cardiologist that morning. The packers are scheduled for the 27th, and the movers (three guys with furniture dollies) come the 28th. I have three more medical appointments scattered throughout the month. I see the oncologist on the 24th to plan What Happens Next. In the meantime, I’m hanging fire, gathering strength and getting ready for the frantic activity that has to happen in the last week of January to get this move done and dusted ASAP.

But in the meantime, I’m a knitter. I’ve always got stuff I could be doing. I’ve got shawls to block, Works In Progress, yarn to wind, all kinds of stuff to keep me busy. Lately, I’ve been killing these four shawls I’ve finished that were knit with acrylic yarn.

I’ve got two more to do. The rust colored one is this one, with a different knitted on edging than the pattern calls for. The blue one is one of my own patterns, Cobblestones and Lace. I did a second version with a lighter blue yarn which is next on my hit list after I do the one that’s on the table in the picture above, which is the Cable Edged Shawl.

And I’ve got shawls in progress all over the place, never mind that I want to do this shawl in Tiziano Red Malabrigo sock + ruby mohair held double, except for the edging in just sock yarn, but then I want to take a crack at a Faroese shawl with its characteristic center back gussett, but then . . . . I want to knit all the things!!!

I need to discipline myself not to start something until I finish something (like that’s going to happen!), because I have WIPs. I also need to make my iPocket — a “pocket” with a waist band that will hold my phone and apartment key when I wear leggings and slacks without pockets. I’ve just about got it figured out in my head with how I want it shaped and what stitches to use (linen stitch). I’ve also got an idea for how to do a semicircular shawl top-down, center-to-edges, without using a garter tab and short rows, but using a Turkish cast on instead, but that’s going to take some mocking up with scrap yarn before I can go anywhere with it. But in the meantime, i have WIPs til the world looks level.

Author: WOL

My burrow, "La Maison du Hibou Sous Terre" is located on the flatlands of West Texas where I live with my computer, my books, and a lot of yarn waiting to become something.

3 thoughts on “Hanging Fire”

  1. That rust-colored one is gorgeous: both the color and the pattern. Tongue firmly in cheek, I’ll ask: what are you going to do with all your free time this month? (Apart from knitting, of course!)


  2. you really do amazing work. Each shawl is prettier than the last.
    I also admire your attitude to the big C. I can’t remember being quite as nonchalant towards my own when I was hit with it.
    Good luck and a happy New Year.


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