When You Hot, You Hot!

We’re under a heat advisory (like any idiot couldn’t stick their head out the door and tell it’s entirely too hot to be outside!) I came back from mom’s house about 15 minutes ago and when I checked the weather app, it was 105 F (40.5 C) heading for a high of 107 F (41.6 C) — that’s with a humidity of 10%. What you call raisin weather. As in, turn into one within about ten minutes of stepping outside. They tell you that if you have to be outside, to stay hydrated, but you’re sweating it out about as fast as you can pour it in. (What was that old beer drinking joke about being tired of being the middle man?) Ye, gods! We are getting a reprieve. The 10-day forecast shows highs in the 90’s F (32+ C). As my dad used to say, “Hotter than a $2 pistol firing uphill.”

Of course, we had to get out in it. Mom had to be at one doctor’s office at 9 A.M. to pick up a shot of steroids to schlep to the imaging center because apparently, if you want the imaging center to do an intra-articular steroid injection into the hip joint, you have to BYO. The injection was mostly to see how much of her pain is from her hip, which I think is very little if any. The lion’s share of her pain is coming from her back. She has an “S” curve from side to side. I don’t wonder that it hurts.

We will see what the MRI shows, and await the next step in the process. Hopefully we will be able to get in to see a doctor soon who can do something for her pain. Such pain as she is having is very debilitating and not a little depressing. In the meantime, the new lift chair is making life easier for her. Every little bit helps.

Author: WOL

My burrow, "La Maison du Hibou Sous Terre" is located on the flatlands of West Texas where I live with my computer, my books, and a lot of yarn waiting to become something.

2 thoughts on “When You Hot, You Hot!”

  1. I have some scoliosis in my back and have degenerative arthritic changes.  After going through the MRIs and different injections, etc., my pain management doctor suggested a trial with a spinal cord stimulator.  It seemed to help so I now have one permanently implanted.  Still a little adjusting of program levels and location but it has done more good than anything.  The one I have is by Nevro.  It blocks the pain impulses from getting to the brain.  I can get out of a chair easily and walk without pain.  I am sorry your mom is in pain.  I know what she feels. Nikki

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  2. Those chairs are a real blessing. A friend finally got one after grousing forever about the cost. Once he’d experienced it, he’d just grin and say, “Cost ain’t ever thing.”


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