Well, it’s finally happened. You can’t access the classic editor any more in WordPress, which means WordPress is officially broken. Like I needed one more thing to have to deal with on top of the shambles that COVID and a certain political party and its tools of Putin have made of this country and my personal world. Being very unladylike in my language just now. “Losing my religion” over it, as it happens.

Every time I attempt to access my most used tags, it crashes the stupid editor.


Stupid iMillennials.

Author: WOL

My burrow, "La Maison du Hibou Sous Terre" is located on the flatlands of West Texas where I live with my computer, my books, and a lot of yarn waiting to become something.

2 thoughts on “RANT!”

  1. Yes, the block editor is a Gothic horror, quite out of proportion to the needs of ordinary bloggers. They have also changed the default view of the dashboard whiich is missing many of the items I am used to accessing frequently. However, all is not lost: you can still access the classic editor if you have the correct URL for this. If you contact me by email (see the sidebar of my blog), I will send you URLs which ought to work for your blog.

    You can also post cries for help to the WorPress forum via the help on your blog. I have found that they answer fairly quickly, sendong you an email containing their reply and a link to the forum concerned so you can reply there if you need further help.

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  2. I’m still using the Classic editor for posting and editing. Here you go:

    1. Go to your blog, and click on the “W” at the top left-hand corner.

    2. When that page opens, it will say “My Home — (Your Blog Name Here)”

    3. On the left side, scroll down to “WP Admin” at the very bottom and click on it

    4. On the Admin menu, hover above the third icon down — the little pushpin that’s labeled “Posts.” At that point, DO NOT click on “Add New.” That will take you to the Block editor. Instead, click on “Posts” or “All Posts.” That will open a page with another “Add New” link at the top, with a drop-down arrow next to it.

    5. Click on the arrow, and you have a choice between the Block editor and the Classic editor. Click “Classic,” and you’re in business!

    Notice, too, that when you get to the page that shows all your posts, both published and draft, if you hover over a title, you can choose to edit in the classic editor. That option’s right below the title.

    Once I got it down, it’s easy as can be. Since I post so often, I leave that “All Posts” page open in my browser as a tab. All I have to do is click on it, and I’m ready to go.

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