Doing the Social Distance Dance

So, I supported my local small businesses last night and called in a pizza strike (an expression I appropriated from a guy I used to date who had done two tours in Vietnam (which dates both of us!).  It’s the same idea as a unit in the field calling command on the radio and requesting an air strike or artillery fire on an enemy position, only much better.).

The TV was off, and I was sitting and knitting, so I heard the pizza delivery guy drive up.  I opened the (actual) door (but not the glass storm door), and here he comes up the walk carrying his delivery pouch in one hand and one of those shower stools for the elderly like you can buy in drug stores in the other hand.  The stool has a rubber band around the seat.   He put my delivery on the stool and backed away to the end of the porch.  I took my order off the stool and set it on the floor.  Then I slid my pair of Andrew Jacksons under the rubber band, told him to give me a Lincoln in change and stepped back behind my storm door.  He replaced my Jacksons with the requested Lincoln and stepped away from the stool.  I retrieved my Lincoln, wished him a good night, and he took his stool and left.

I carried my food items into the kitchen and opened the cartons up so I could get at the food AFTER I did the 20-second hand wash thing.  THEN, without touching the cartons, I put slices on a plate and chowed down, all the while expecting at any moment to hear that music . . . .

They tell us social distancing is working, though.  This is why.   Let’s say the ping pong ball is the corona virus . . .

Oddly enough, the first part of this video is the same one they use to illustrate nuclear fission with the ping pong balls representing neutrons (bang is how it goes. . .).

Had to share this truly beautiful, truly human picture.  These medical professionals have taped pictures of their faces to their isolation gear to, quite literally, put a human face on their care.  Cue the Bowie song . . .

My part in the MTV generation was  a bit vicarious, but be that as it may.  Today’s earworm is a rather relevant blast from the past . . .  We’re all having to do the safety dance these days.

We can do this.

Author: WOL

My burrow, "La Maison du Hibou Sous Terre" is located on the flatlands of West Texas where I live with my computer, my books, and a lot of yarn waiting to become something.

2 thoughts on “Doing the Social Distance Dance”

  1. That photo of the medical workers with their photos taped to their PPE is terrific — so’s the video, as a matter of fact. I’m passing that one on to a couple of people who’ve been trying to explain this to their grandkids.


  2. At least your pizza devilverer is playing the game – good for him (and for you). Unfortunately, a lot of silly fools here in the UUK are not doing so and are putting themselves and others at risk.


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