Busy, Buzzy, and Bowls

Still haven’t gotten rid of that durn fly.  ^&%$#@!@#&*!

In this and other pictures of my computer desktop, you may have noticed a bowl under my monitors (just to the left of the teacup).  It’s a nice little bowl.  Too small to be a yarn ball bowl. (I’ve got a half dozen of those scattered about.)  Wasn’t bought with that in mind.

It’s Japanese and has a kitty on it.  (They’re apparently out of the blue version.) I got it to use as a “knitting notions bowl.”  I have another one on the reader’s table in my knitting nook in the back bedroom.  I keep pretty much the same things in both bowls:  A tape

measure, some rubber stoppers that go on the points of knitting needles, a couple of crochet hooks, a couple of cable needles, a number of stitch markers of various colors, a tapestry needle, and a tube of Bert’s Bees lip balm (semi-arid climate, remember?).  I find it handy to keep these things out in a bowl rather than in a bag or in a box of some sort or in a drawer, etc.  All the needful notions are right there where I can quickly find what I need.

Of course the bowl has a cat on it.  It has a cat in it as well.  And I got the matching plate.  It’s cute, handy and just the right size.  As I say, I have a collection of yarn bowls of various sizes.  I’m a big advocate of balling up yarn rather than using the commercial pull skeins (pull skeins are Tools of the Devil!) that store-bought acrylic yarn comes in.  The first thing I usually do when I get ready to do a project is roll all the pull skeins into  balls.

Because I’m living on a fixed income, acrylic yarn is usually all I can afford (and, frankly, we’re a little warm for wool sweaters even in the depths of winter), but here lately, I’ve been saving up my ice cream money and blowing it on “snob” yarn instead — I got some Malabrigo sock weight.  I also bought some “artisanal” yarn from Blue Sky Fibers.  I got both through Must Love Yarn’s shop site.  (Each week in their podcasts, they feature a pick of the week with a code for 10% off that’s good for the next two weeks.)  I haven’t knit any of it up yet, but I have an idea for the Malabrigo.  I’ve got some other yarn from Must Love Yarn’s shop which I don’t remember the name of off the top of my head, and I’m too comfy here at my desk, reclined, with lap robe on and a 32-oz bottle of Breakfast in Paris tea to hand, to bother with getting up and going over to look.  However, now that I have been acquiring a quantity of “snob” yarn, I decided I needed the services of a swift and a ball winder (don’t know why they call it a “ball” winder — what you get is a cake).  Amazon gladly obliged.  There’s the hanks of Malabrigo being caked. (pop goes the weasel!)  I want one more skein for what I’m going to make from it.  (Sorry.  That’s the least obnoxious choice of patterns in a plastic table cloth with flannel backing that I could find at Wal-Mart.  I should be that busy. . .)

Well, you may remember “Mrs. Crocombe’s Braided Delight,” which I had started in blue on a US11 (8.0 mm) needles.  Guess what.  I changed my mind, and restarted it on a US 15 (10.0 mm) in white.  I like it much better on the larger needle, and I’ve got more white than I do blue, so it can be all one color.   I’m moving right along on it.  I’ve started my third ball.  I like the fabric I’m getting with the 15’s and I’ve gone to five rows between cable crosses to make the cable a little looser.  I may end up putting some paper tape around my index finger where the thread goes over it.  I’m using yarn at a faster rate because of the 15’s and the friction of the bulky yarn as it goes over the top of my finger  is starting to rub my skin a little raw.

It’s been really cold here the past week.  It got so cold at one point that Saturday, I said the heck with it, didn’t bother to get completely dressed, but sat in the bed reading in a fleece shirt, shawl and these  “half-handers.”  These fingerless mitts are made with Caron Simply Soft acrylic yarn using a pattern I’ve yet to post.  The palm side is stockinette, the knuckle side is ribbed and the cuffs are long enough to fold double. I made another pair in a navy sport yarn, but I need to weave in the ends and photograph them before I post the pattern.  Not only can I read in them, I can knit in them, too.

Here directly*, I need to get up and go wash my hair so it can get dry before bedtime, and while it’s drying I believe I’ll just finish up the next to last Foreigner book so I can start in on the new one.  It just came out and I haven’t read it yet.

*"Here directly" is Southern for "shortly, in a minute."  Not to be confused with "here lately," which means "recently, in the recent past."

Author: WOL

My burrow, "La Maison du Hibou Sous Terre" is located on the flatlands of West Texas where I live with my computer, my books, and a lot of yarn waiting to become something.

One thought on “Busy, Buzzy, and Bowls”

  1. Your “here directly” and “here lately” reminded me of a phrase I loved in Liberia — at least, when it wasn’t frustrating me for one reason or another. Ask for something to be done, and the response typically was “I will try.” Very often, that meant yes. On the other hand, it didn’t always, and when you asked why the request hadn’t been fulfilled, the response was opened hands and the phrase, “I tried.” Genius, really.


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