Books Read in 2020

13. Betrayer, Cherryh, C. J. (re-re-re-read)
12. *The Finder, Lorin, J. E.
11. Deceiver, Cherryh, C. J. (re-re-re-read)
10. Conspirator, Cherryh, C. J. (re-re-re-read)
9. Deliverer, Cherryh, C. J. (re-re-re-read)
8. All Systems Red, Wells, Martha
7. Pretender, Cherryh, C. J. (re-re-re-read)
6. Destroyer, Cherryh, C. J. (re-re-re-read)
5. *The Stonecutter Earl’s First Christmas, Harris, Adella J.
4. Explorer, Cherryh, C. J. (re-re-re-read)
3. *The Mystery of Nevermore, Poe, C. S.
2. *The Ghost of Ellwood, Osborn, Jacklyn
1. Defender, Cherryh, C. J. (re-re-re-read)


Author: WOL

My burrow, "La Maison du Hibou Sous Terre" is located on the flatlands of West Texas where I live with my computer, my books, and a lot of yarn waiting to become something.

One thought on “Books Read in 2020”

  1. I are so jealous of the reading you’ve managed to get in this January! Resurgence is sitting behind me in an unopened amazon box; I’ve spent the month caroming between sick as a very sick dog and almost human, peddling frantically to catch up with work. My poor spouse brought home the cold of the century and is burrowed under piles of blankets, aforesaid dog atop. (Note, I am also jealous of the knitting but it’s not something my creaky hands will ever conquer, so I just enjoy yours from afar.)
    I had a memorial service to attend yesterday, which brought Mary Oliver to mind. She was a northeastern Ohio local, and passed last year, which brought you to mind. Amazing what one thinks of on the tangent train.
    Happy new year, and to your mom.


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