Lows and Highs

Great Aunt Evie

Friday, my mom and I got taken to lunch by my cousin from NM (her oldest sister’s boy) and it was fun. My mom’s 95, he’s 83.  (His momma was born in 1910; mine was born in 1924) We always get heavy into genealogy when he comes to visit.  He’s got this treasure trove of both photographs and information that has been amassed over the generations about the “inlaws and outlaws” as he calls it.

Great Aunt Emma

(One of my momma’s daddy’s sisters  is reputed to be the first woman to work in a bank in Texas; the other one worked for a Brigadier General.) When my cousin and mom get into it, jaw-breaking German surnames are freely bandied about and they can get in over my head pretty durn quick.  I swear, it’s like Wagner’s Ring Cycle* — Long, involved, confusing,  and hard to tell who’s who without a program.

Then Saturday, my dear friend LB had to go to the emergency room, and Sunday, she ended up in the hospital again.  Her situation is not good.

Then, Sunday afternoon, one of my molars threw a shoe (the crown came off one of my back teeth).  Fortunately, it was not due to anything traumatic (or costly!).  The crown just came loose and fell off — while I was eating ravioli, no less.  I immediately realized what had happened and rescued the crown, cleaned the ravioli sauce off it and put it in a baggie.  As luck would have it, I was able to get in to see my dentist early this afternoon.  He squirted more cement on it and shoved it back on — and didn’t even charge me!  (I should think not — I’ve probably put at least one of his kids through college!)

Last week I had a CT scan to monitor a chronic health condition, and today I went to that doctor to get the results.  They were excellent.  The chronic health condition is firmly under control at the moment, which is great news.  I took myself to Applebee’s and had a steak and onion rings to celebrate (and because humongous portions, I brought half of it home, so tomorrow!) .  However, my celebrations are tempered by worry about my friend.  I even hesitate to tell her the good news from the doc today because none of her news has been good for weeks now.

Because I chose to dine early (4:00 p.m.), there were only about 4-5 other customers in Applebee’s.  The music they were playing on the sound system was classic hard rock –Queen (“Fat Bottomed Girls”), Van Halen (“Hot For Teacher”), Def Leppard (“Pour Some Sugar On Me”), AC/DC, early Genesis (“That’s All”), a Kinks cover, — all vintage MTV.  It’s kind of hard to head-bang and eat at the same time . . .

It’s true.  We do.

*Richard Wagner's Der Ring des Nibelungen.

Author: WOL

My burrow, "La Maison du Hibou Sous Terre" is located on the flatlands of West Texas where I live with my computer, my books, and a lot of yarn waiting to become something.

5 thoughts on “Lows and Highs”

  1. I was in the middle of leaving a comment the other day when it suddenly was time for me to go to my own dental appointment. After my two root canals, one crown went on just fine, but the other came back from the lab not fitting properly. We were hoping that the third time would be the charm, and it would fit — but no go. So, I’m home again with my temporary, and my dentist thinks he’s figured out the problem, and we’ll give it another go when the next crown comes back from the lab.

    Unfortunately, the wisdom tooth we’ve been sort of discussing (root canal and crown? or extraction) finally made the decision when it lost it’s filling, cracked into pieces, and is sitting there in disarray. I’ve gotten over my fear of root canals and crowns, but dental surgery is a different critter. I’ve not told the dentist yet. I guess I’ll call as soon as it starts giving me problems, or when I get the job I’m working on finished. I don’t fancy working on deadline in the heat post-surgery.

    I’m glad for your good health news, but sorry to hear about your friend. I hope she’s home again by now. I did grin at your comment about it being hard to head-bang and eat at the same time. It seems like a strange playlist for a restaurant, but maybe not.


    1. Linda, there’s a very good site called Dental Fear Central (https://www.dentalfearcentral.org) that is all about overcoming various types of dental fears and phobias. A part of it also has listings of recommended dentists, particularly ones that are very gentle and/or offer the two types of sedation (IV or nitrous oxide). I’d suggest having a look at that and the rest of the site. I used to have sedation for dental work, these days I’m *mostly* okay….


      1. Thanks for the tips, Val. I’m lucky to have a dentist and root canal specialist who are very, very good and whom I trust. And, the dentist is the same one who did quite a bit of work for my mother, including sending her to an oral surgeon he works with, and who ended up being mother-approved. So, I think I’m good as far as the professionals go.

        On the other hand, we’re going to find out sooner rather than later, because the tooth fell apart a little more this weekend, and has to be dealt with el pronto. I plan to be first in line when the office opens this morning to begin whatever process is going to be involved.


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