Woop! There It Is!

A while ago, when I was doing laundry, like the time before last, I came out short a sock.  It was one of those “low-quarter” socks without a top like you wear with sneakers.  It wasn’t left in the washer, or caught in the dryer, or left behind in the clothes hamper.  Nuts.  I put the odd sock on top of my dresser to remind me there was a sock loose somewhere, and life went on.  So, today, because I’m not going out, I put on this pink and red sleep shirt with cats and hearts on, because cats (and because why not?).  It’s light cotton and it’s been washed enough that it’s soft and comfortable.  I faffed about and puttered around, booted up the ‘puter, read the latest installments of the blogs and webcomics I follow, started working on a story, exchanged texts with a dear friend, LB, who’s in the hospital again having to have worrying things done to her.  A while ago, I realized I was hungry, noticed it was after 1 o’clock and went into the kitchen to make me some lunch.  Toast and these frozen enchilada things.  I was putting the margarine away in the fridge when I stepped on something.  It was one of those topless socks just like the one that had been sitting by itself on my dresser for weeks.  It was lying on the kitchen floor. The universe is a strange and wonderful place.

Caught a trailer from SDCC for the new CBS All Access “Star Trek: Picard.”  I was already interested when I first heard about it, and then I saw this:Star Trek with Elves!  Be still my geeky heart!  The actor’s name is Evan Evangora.   Yowsa!

Author: WOL

My burrow, "La Maison du Hibou Sous Terre" is located on the flatlands of West Texas where I live with my computer, my books, and a lot of yarn waiting to become something.

2 thoughts on “Woop! There It Is!”

  1. That sock story’s great. I once lost a book I really like here in the house. I knew it had to be here, and I tore the place apart looking for it, because I wanted to quote something from it. I never found it. About three years later, there it was — on the bookshelf, but not in its place. Instead, it was down with my recipe file box and assorted needlepoint books. I had no memory of moving it.

    I left the windows open all day, and though it was too warm to leave everything open when I got home tonight, but tomorrow morning it’s going to be time to turn off the AC again — at least for a day. It was so comfortable outside today. The worst part of these little cool fronts is having to go back into the heat. It always seems worse, somehow.


  2. In Slavic mythology, the secret of the suddenly found sock would be explained by the intervention of bożątko – helpful household spirit. If they helped you, it means that they like and respect you 😉 Otherwise, they’d only cause trouble.
    And the Space Elf made me chuckle. Black-haired Legolas with Spock’s eyebrows!


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