“S” Minus 1 Day And Counting

A load of wash in the washer and one room left to clean.   That will be ticked off the list by tonight.  Tomorrow afternoon:  Bed linens (including spread) go through the laundry and right back on the bed.  Garbage gets take out.  Dishwasher gets run and emptied.

My mom has a tub seat left over from caring for my dad which she’s lent me — unfortunately, the seat back was on the wrong side as her tub has the water spout on the right end and mine has it on the left end. I thought I was going to have to get out my Act of Congress to get the seat back loose so I could put it on the other side, but fortunately, an invocation of Sir Isaac Newton involving  a hammer and a screwdriver, plus a judicious application of some welly,  and Bob’s your uncle.   So that’s done.

I got one of those hose attachments that fits over the tub spout and has a shower wand on the other end (and a hose clamp!) and I’ve got it installed.  I was going to order one on-line, but I couldn’t get it shipped to arrive before next week.  Further research revealed that Home Depot had three in stock in their store which was on the way to me getting the tub bench from my mom.

A word to the wise here.  If you go shopping for something on line and it says they’ve got it in stock in a store near you, print out their webpage (or find it and bookmark it on your phone) where it shows the thing, including those all-important SKU numbers and take it with you when you go to the store to get it.  I didn’t.  I had to explain what I was looking for to three different clerks and the customer service rep, all of whom were clueless.  After a fruitless search on their in-store computer inventory and a call to their help desk, we did finally find it on line; it said they had three, but there were none on the display.  (I will admit to having a John Cleese moment. . .)  They finally found them in a box in the overhead rack above the display, but only because they had that SKU number.

There’s a reason I’m getting my left knee replaced and it has everything to do with really not wanting to hike all over Home Depot looking for this thing I’ve got to get because my shower stall is the size of a shoe box and there’s not enough room in it for me and a shower stool both.  The guy did give me a $5 discount for my trouble, though, which I did not look in the mouth.  (The thing was only $9.95 to start with, plus whatever the hose clamp cost, but every little bit helps.)

I’ve got to finish off that last little bit of housework now.  I have to do it piecemeal.  Straighten and pick up, go sit down and take the weight off my knee.  Dust, go sit down and take the weight off my knee.  Vacuum, go sit down and take the weight off my knee.  Clean the en suite, go sit down and take the weight off my knee.   Then I get to sit down and pay bills.  Oh, what fun.

I still don’t know when I need to be at the hospital.  If they don’t call me by tomorrow morning, I have to call them and find out.  Hopefully it won’t be at the crack of dawn. . . .

Author: WOL

My burrow, "La Maison du Hibou Sous Terre" is located on the flatlands of West Texas where I live with my computer, my books, and a lot of yarn waiting to become something.

One thought on ““S” Minus 1 Day And Counting”

  1. That’s really good advice, re: the SKU. I never would have thought of that. And it certainly sounds like you’ve got most of what needs to be controlled under control. Having to do it all with such care obviously is a pain, in every sense of the word, but sooner rather than later now, you’ll be getting around much better. I hope the hospital sees fit to get you some information sooner rather than later, too — and that you can arrive at a civilized time.

    (Btw… I see you haven’t picked up something that should be in your email. You may not have looked at your email, or if you have, perhaps you need to peek into your spam file. )


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