It Fooled Around And Got Cold On Us

When I went for my followup visit yesterday to the surgeon who did my hernia repair, I started out the door in a teeshirt, and went, “Whoa!”  It was rainy and downright chilly out.  So chilly, in fact, that I went right back in and put on my favorite SomaFM zip up hoodie.  When I got home long about noon and looked at the HVAC thermometer in the hall, it was 77 F/25 C inside.  I have this single size microfiber blanket I got years ago intending to make a lap robe out of but haven’t yet, and last night was the second night in a row I’ve slept with it spread over my side of the bed.  This morning when I went in to boot up my computer, the digital clock/calendar/thermostat on the tower read 74 F/23.3 C.  First thing I did was turn off the floor fan in my office.   I’m wearing long pants, albeit cotton ones, and a teeshirt instead of my usual summer uniform of a lightweight teeshirt dress, and I’m seriously thinking about going and putting some socks on.

This is what the five-day forecast looks like:

  Fall has definitely fell.

I was having a little read in bed this morning, and my dern arms got chilly!  So, I’m going to try again to knit a reader’s shrug, which I envision as basically a pair of sleeves held together across the back.   It’ll be Turkish cast on down the middle of the back, which I’ll knit in both directions at the same time (“magic loop“) out to the sleeves, which will be done two at a time out to the cuffs.  It’ll be ribbed, in a DK weight yarn, on a US 4 (3.5 mm) 60-inch circular needle.  I got two cakes of this Lion Brand Mandala yarn (color “Troll”) because I liked the colors in combination, or at least all but one of them.  I’m editing out the light green as I roll it into balls.   I’ll try writing a pattern for it, but it’s going to be basically me, a tape measure and the calculator app on my computer playing it by ear.  I’ll start it as soon as I can get both cakes wound into balls.  I’ll have to get my covered yarn bowl down for this one.

Shoutout:  I am a reader of webcomics.  One of my favorites is one called “Wilde Life” drawn by a lady from Oklahoma named Pascalle Lepas.  If you’re into that kind of thing, go check it out.  It’s beautifully drawn, I like the characters, and the plot is interesting.  Here’s a teeny taste (which also could be the motto of Gemini, which I kind of am*).  (I want this on a teeshirt so bad!)

Here are a couple more serendoogles**

This is a nerd play on a well-known mathematical formula.  This one is a “DUH!” it’s so obvious.  Girl got it absolutely right on.

*I'm born on the cusp of Taurus, which is an earth sign, and Gemini, which is an air sign.  The burrowing owl is a bird native to the flatlands that lives in a hole in the ground.  Its closest relative is the little owl that lives on the Acropolis in Athens known as Athena's owl, whence its taxonomic name, Athene cunicularia hypugaea.  That should give you a clue why this blog has the name it does. 

θεά από τη μηχανή
**Serendoogle -- something cool you run across by chance while googling for something else.  I invented this word by combining "serendipity + google"


Author: WOL

My burrow, "La Maison du Hibou Sous Terre" is located on the flatlands of West Texas where I live with my computer, my books, and a lot of yarn waiting to become something.

2 thoughts on “It Fooled Around And Got Cold On Us”

  1. Your math formula cracked me up. It’s my friend from sailing, speed/time/distance, all fancied up. That’s not nearly as impressive as your temperatures, though. Good grief — you have the beginnings of real autumn up there. We’re still sweatin’ to the oldies down here, and the humidity is coastal-typical. But we’re optimistic. “They” say a front’s coming in a week or two.

    Love ‘serendoogle.” We might not know the same, but we know the experience.

    So, how did everything go at the doc’s? I take it all is well, and recovery’s continuing without any glitches. Now, I’m going to cross my fingers and post this. Starting yesterday, my comments were all getting thrown into spam. I think the good people at Akismet got it straightened out, but we’re going to find out….


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