Piece of Cake

My surgery went very well Wednesday.  Unfortunately a case two ahead of mine went over an hour long, which delayed the case before mine, which delayed mine.  I was supposed to have gone in at 1 p.m. but didn’t go until after 2 p.m., which made it almost 7 p.m. before I got home.  Such is life.   However, my case went according to plan, and it’s all over and done with.   He did use mesh, and I was glad about that.   I slept a lot Wednesday night and Thursday,  knitted, read, and have been generally taking it easy.  I don’t have stitches.  He used superglue.  No.  Seriously.  They seal skin incisions with superglue now instead of stitches.   I don’t even have all that much bruising, which speaks to how careful my surgeon was about controlling bleeding.   And I haven’t had all that much pain either.  He gave me a prescription for tramadol which I didn’t fill (I already had some for my knee), but I haven’t taken it or anything else for pain because I haven’t really needed it.

Thanks to all who sent me wishes for a speedy recovery.  They were all much appreciated — Looks like they worked!

So, guess what?  Friday, TriWest, which is the VA’s agency that arranges local medical care, called and told me I have an appointment with an orthopedist at 1:30 on Monday!  I’ve not gotten a letter or anything from them to that effect (like them giving me that all important billing account number I’m supposed to give the doctor’s office to bill to) or telling me other important stuff like where the heck the guy’s office is . . .   When they discharged me Wednesday after surgery, all they told me is that I’m not supposed to lift anything above 5 lbs for a couple days, and over 10 pounds for a couple of weeks.  They didn’t say anything about not driving, so I’ll drive myself.    Getting that knee seen to and reducing my discomfort when bearing weight on it will improve my quality of life so much.  I’ll keep you posted.


Author: WOL

My burrow, "La Maison du Hibou Sous Terre" is located on the flatlands of West Texas where I live with my computer, my books, and a lot of yarn waiting to become something.

5 thoughts on “Piece of Cake”

  1. So here I am — having read, but not put fingers to the keyboard yet to say, “Hooray!” I am so glad everything meshed well, and that your recovery’s on pace. Now, off to see how things went re: your other bodily parts. I hope all goes as smoothly as this seems to have gone. Super glue: who woulda thunk it? It’s certainly better than duct tape, though. Can you imagine taking that stuff off?


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