Over, Under, Sideways, Down

Musical quote!  Yes, the title comes from the title of a song by the Yardbirds, that legendary group that launched three of Rock’s most legendary guitarists, Jeff Beck, Jimmy Page, and Eric Clapton.

Pretty perfect title for what my life has been like these past three weeks.  My mom finally got fed up with the VA jacking me around about my abdominal hernia surgery (their final word was if you want us to pay for it, you get it done in our hospital that’s 125 miles away in another city, and, since your 93 year old mom doesn’t drive on the highway, you have to ride there and back three hours each way on our rattle trap bus with no shocks to and from the local clinic where your mom can drop you off and pick you up).  She told me to call our friend who works for a local cancer center and get a recommendation for a surgeon, whom I saw 29 August.  I saw my cardiologist for surgical clearance last Thursday.   I’m scheduled for hernia surgery the 12th (Wednesday), my mom’s going to pay for whatever Medicare doesn’t pay for the surgeon, and whatever Medicare doesn’t pay for everything else comes out of my grocery budget for the next 15 years or so. . . Thank you for your service.

As for my knee, I FINALLY got the MRI results and I have a torn medial meniscus, a Baker’s cyst and bone spurs.  Wonder why my knee hurts?  I’m having better luck with that.  My local treatment requisition went through BEFORE they hired a new orthopod at the VA hospital, so I get to have the consult with a local orthopod. Hopefully, that will mean that he/she will do the surgery that I obviously need, and that it will be done here also.   The irony of it is that I could have driven back from that surgery, since it’s my left knee and my car has an automatic transmission . . . . Not so after abdominal surgery. . .

In the knitting news . . . .  My knitting motto is, if you don’t feel it, frog it.  I wasn’t feeling this shawl, my modified cable edged shawl pattern, so I frogged it.  The whole thing.   I tried starting the Hulda Scarflet with that yarn, intending to let it grow into a shawl, but I wasn’t feeling that either.  I think I’m going to be making a new pattern for a point-up triangular shawl with a knit as you go edging, but not til after Wednesday.  Too much to do between now and then, like washing a load of clothes and a load of bed linens so I’ll have a nice clean bed when I come home from surgery.  Monday, I’ve got to go check in for surgery, get my blood work done, find out where “there” is and when I need to be there Wednesday, etc.

In the meantime, I think I’ll use the writing of that new pattern as a carrot to dangle in front of myself to get me to finish hats and their matching cowls that I need to finish — 5 hats, 4 cowls, in fact, — that I need to get a move on because, as I’ve already noted, winter cometh, ya’ll.

Stay tuned.  Life is about to get interesting again.  I’ve been eating iron-rich foods here lately, because my cardiologist won’t let me stop taking clopidogrel for the surgery (because of my stents).  However, the surgeon did agree that he would still do the surgery even if I couldn’t stop the clopidogrel (it only ups the surgical risk by 2%).  He’ll just have to be extra meticulous with his hemostasis . . . .

That’s all I’ve got for now.  I’ll leave you with my earworm for the past month or so . . .

Author: WOL

My burrow, "La Maison du Hibou Sous Terre" is located on the flatlands of West Texas where I live with my computer, my books, and a lot of yarn waiting to become something.

5 thoughts on “Over, Under, Sideways, Down”

  1. Good luck with your surgery. I went in at o dark thirty on a day in May to have mine. Had my blood work done. They told me “You’re not having surgery today. If you do you’ll bleed to death on the operating table.” My platelets were extremely low. After much testing I find out I have ITP – Immuno Thrombocytopenic Purpura. After a couple of infusions of platelets and gamma globulin I was able to have my surgery that September. I felt so much better after that was fixed. I have been in remission for about 4 years now. PS – My hernia was caused by my gynecologist who did not close me up properly when she removed my ovary. Doctors!!


  2. You DO NOT need to be riding a rattletrap bus anywhere. The new arrangements sound just fine. I have a friend who had meniscus surgery recently, and I saw her at the plant society meeting tonight. She’s doing right well, and is off to Rockport for the Hummingbird Festival tomorrow. It’s been…. a month almost to the day since her surgery, and she’s been climbing stairs for a couple of weeks. She’s still a little slow, but pain free and improving.

    My task for tomorrow is to check batteries, peanut butter, water, and such, since we have an honest to goodness tropical critter roaming around now. Its name (95L) isn’t as spiffy as Florence or Isaac, but it may grow up to get a real name. I intend to be prepared, sort of. I’m not in the mood for a storm just now, so I’m trying to move it down to the King Ranch or thereabouts.

    Hope all went well today — and that you get all your to-dos done without any unnecessary stress!


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