I’m completely and thoroughly disgusted with the current administration, and especially the dumpster fire in the Oval Office, but I’m not going to get into a big political rant.  I’m just going to share a little thought with all those people who want to keep those immigrants from coming to America and taking our jobs and being foreign and probably terrorists, etc., etc.

Every single person in this country is either an immigrant or descended from an immigrant.  Every single person, including the Native Americans, is either descended from somebody who came to this country from someplace else or who immigrated themselves from someplace else.  EVERY SINGLE PERSON.

So, while we’re sending all the Middle Eastern and Hispanic imigrants back where they came from, send all the founding fathers’ descendants back to England where they came from, and the descendants of all the Dutch and Germans and French and other Europeans back to Europe where they came from, and all the Blacks the English and Anglos dragged over here from Africa in chains to be slaves — they didn’t want to come here in the first place.  Send all the Chinese, and Southeast Asians, and the Indians back where they came from, and send the Native Americans back to Asia where they came from, too.

No picking and choosing and playing favorites, now.  If you’re going to send the immigrants back, send them all back.

No?  You just want to send the illegal ones back?  OK.  The Native Americans can stay.  They were here first. But everybody else who came after them are illegal squatters, and they have to go.

And while I’m laying ideas on your head, try this one on for size.  Tonight, after you’ve locked all your doors, and turned off the lights, and lay down in your nice comfortable bed between clean sheets, think about this as you’re lying there in the darkness:  What if you didn’t have a safe place to sleep?

Think about that.

What if not just you, but your whole family, had no place to sleep where you could be assured that no one would come up on you while you were sleeping and hurt you or your children and/or steal your stuff. No place to sleep where somebody wouldn’t be able to get to you while you were sleeping and put a knife at your throat to keep you quiet while they did whatever they wanted to.

Think about that. . .