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Didn’t get my bed changed or my sheets & towels washed.  Don’t care.  Mañana.

Knitting group was preempted from our room by an author reading/book signing. so knitting group met in the Juvenile Fiction section of the library for the simple reason that there are tables and chairs there.  (I still laugh about the time we got preempted without warning and one of the library ladies put up a sign on the door that said, “Knitting Group is in Juvenile Fiction.”)

Our Asian lady (Korean, I think, but not sure) and her daughter came and brought a friend and her daughter.  She is a pharmacist in a hospital pharmacy and her schedule shifts back and forth from 1st shift (day shift) to second shift (swing shift).  She can only come to knitting group when she works days. She knits Portuguese style.    The two new people who came last time, come back again.  They are learning to crochet. (We are a nondiscriminatory, equal opportunity knitting group.)

AM, one of our regulars, brought this big plastic bin full of all sorts of yarn that she had gotten at an estate sale for $8.  I got 6 small skeins of a black fuzzy acrylic yarn and 5 small skeins of the same brand/kind of yarn in purple to make hats from — only a few of those skeins had labels and the ones that did had a price tag of “43¢” so you know that yarn is probably from the 1970’s.  I also got 9 skeins of this Lion Brand Homespun  (above) for my friend LB’s daughter AB. There were no labels on any of them so I don’t know what colorway they are, but they’re all the same color.  AB likes to do big projects like sweaters and ponchos, and these 9 skeins would be enough to do something big like that. There was eyelash yarn, pompom yarn and all these other kinds of weird textured yarns in the bin, a real mish-mash stash.  Since I got so much yarn, I slipped AM a fiver.

One of our newest members is going to be leaving us in August.  She has gotten her Master’s and just finished getting her teacher’s certificate.  She has been substitute teaching, but now she has gotten a full time teaching job in a little town northeast of us and she will be moving in August.  We’ll be sorry to see her go.

I’m going to try to make a toboggan hat with ribbing.  I’m going to try doing a hat with 9 inches of straight ribbing and then turn the “hem” and see how that works.  Then I’m going to do another hat where I do 4.5 inches of stockinette, and then 4.5 inches of ribbing, so that the inside of the “hem” is stockinette and the outside is ribbing, and see how I like that.  I’ve got several projects going at the same time, so if I get bored with one, I can jump to another.  This is what I’m working on right now — a Coriolis hat (lower left) and two toboggan hats. one of which (top) is the ribbing one.  They’re all in the Unforgettable yarn.

I ran across a quotation from the below poem on one of the blogs I read (written by an Irish lady).  I tracked it down and am putting it here because I like it, and so I can find it easily again.

‘And the days are not full enough’

And the days are not full enough
And the nights are not full enough
And life slips by like a field mouse
                Not shaking the grass.

Ezra Pound

I might also note, I have added a search function to my blog that allows one to search all the blog posts for a particular word or phrase. I had put one on my knitting blog to make a particular pattern easier to locate and liked its functionality, so I added one to this blog too.  It’s on the right sidebar.