Hot again today and the humidity is up (47%). I woke up at 6:30 this morning and after lying there for about an hour trying to go back to sleep, I decided I would finish the book I was just about finished reading and read a chapter or two in the next book in the pile, and that would get me to 9 o’clock and time to get up.  I had a bunch of errands to run and I wanted to get all my errands done in the morning before it got hot.  Well, I finished the one book, and started in on the next one, The next thing I know, I’ve turned the last page; I look over at the clock and it’s after 2 p.m.  YAH! Up I jump, dash into the shower, throw on a t-shirt and blue jeans and go pelting out the door.

The first place on my list was the Amazon store which is way the heck over on the other side of town by the University where I dropped off an item that Amazon sent me (and charged me for) two of, and I only ordered one of.  (If you take it to their store front, you get free return shipping).

Then I went to Petsmart to get cat food and kitty treats and to Michael’s to get some more Red Heart Unforgettable yarn for chemo hats (a friend gave me a “40% off of one item” coupon, so I got one of the $5.99 skeins of yarn for $3.60!).  Then I swooped round to this health & nutrition store for my monthly supply of NAC, zip round to Walmart, pausing to fill up my car at their onsite gas station before parking over on the side where the grocery portion is, did my shopping, schlepped the groceries into the house and put them up — and realized I’d forgotten to get Rollos which I’ll have to pick up after knitting tomorrow! Then I schlepped the garbage up the alley to the dumpster.

Then I hefted a basket load of clothes from the hamper in the bedroom to the utility room and got a load of wash started — and dropped the cover for the laundry soap container behind the washer and had to put a piece of clear packing tape sticky-side-out on the end of a broom handle to fish it out. I could have used the suction of the tank vacuum’s hose to grab it and pull it out, but I’d have had to go get it from the office closet, carry it to the utility room, hunt up a plug socket and plug it in, and then cart it back to the office. . . .and the broom was right outside in the garage and there was tape in the kitchen drawer and it worked just as well.  I have used the vacuum to get socks and unmentionables dropped behind the washer, but I bet tape on the broom handle would worked for that, too.

Anyway, by then I was not only hot and sweaty, but also bushed (2) so I booted up the computer and put my yoga music playlist on, reared back in the recliner and had a dose of that most sovereign of remedies, juice (apple, mixed 1:3 with Earl Grey cold) and cookies, and worked one of my puzzles and relaxed.

Tomorrow, I’ve got to wash a load of sheets and towels and change my bed before I go to knitting group. Busy, busy.

In the knitting news, I made this Coriolis chemo hat with the left over yarn from

making this hat.

You get a lot of yardage with the Unforgettable yarn.