Yesterday was midsummer’s day (“Litha”), the longest day of the year, but I’m not sure if Tuesday night or tonight is the shortest night of the year.  However, long about midnight we had a little thundershower and got a little rain out of it.   Seems like here lately every time I decide I need to set the sprinklers on the lawn, it rains.  Not complaining.  Not at all. It’s cooled things down to 72 F (22.2 C) at almost 2 a.m., and I can almost hear the lawn sighing with relief.

I got the stitches out of my gums where I had the molar pulled yesterday, so another sign of relief.  I am now officially cleared to chew on that side, although with what is a moot point since I have this large gap where a major molar once chewed.  I’m supposed to go back in October.  By then the bone graft should have “taken” and filled the gap and there will hopefully be bone enough to anchor the implant.  In the meantime, vitamin D and calcium will be ingested, and we will think good thoughts of bone growth.

In the knitting news, my friend LB got to visit with the wig lady at our local cancer center after her last doctor visit (the lady who is in charge of the charitable bunch that provide wigs and chemo hats for folks undergoing chemotherapy), and LB reported that the wig lady really liked my toboggan caps and how totally soft and huggy they were.  That’s excellent, as there will be more of them in future.  I’ve ordered some cotton yarn and I’m going to try a couple in the cotton.  I’m getting really good at doing a provisional cast on.

After I revamped the pattern, I’ve now I’ve gotten my “Dance Like An Egyptian” hat to the point where I’m ready to do the color work, which involves Fair Isle knitting, and working with two colors.  In order to work two colors, I have to either learn to hold two strand of yarn in my left hand, or hold one strand in each hand, which is what I think will work best for me.  (I also need to review how you secure floats.  I think I bookmarked that Youtube video . . . yep. )  When I’ve worked out a way to hold working yarn in each hand, then I can progress to knitting two socks at the same time — one inside the other — on the same set of double pointed needles. (Is that cool, or what?)  It’s easy to keep straight which stitches belong to which sock, because the inside sock is also inside out, so it’s purled.  But in order to do this efficiently, I’ve got to be able to hold yarn in both hands.  When you knit socks this way, you work the heels after you’ve finished the whole sock (“afterthought heels”), which means I have to learn how to do that, too.    Goalz.  I haz’em.