The hat has to measure 7.5 inches before I start the decreases that close up the top of the cap.  I’m sneaking up on 6 inches and that’s how much yarn I have left.  Will she have enough yarn to finish the cap?  I’m going to have to knit as fast as I can to try to finish the cap before I run out of yarn . . . .

You actually get a lot of yardage out of a skein of that Red Heart Unforgettable yarn — 270 yards/246 meters out of a 3.5 oz/100 g skein of yarn.  Even though it says its’ a Medium:4 gauge, which includes worsted weight yarn, it’s very light yarn.  I mean, the whole durn skein only weighs 3.5 ounces, so a hat weighs maybe 1 or 2 ounces, which is nothing.  It’s 100% acrylic yarn, which I like to use for my chemo hats because it is zero allergenic.  I mean, people are already going through the total bummer of chemo — and their chemo hat causes a rash on their poor little bald heads? No.  Just, no.   Plus, the Unforgettable yarn, like most acrylic yarns, you can machine wash and machine dry, so major easy care.   And it has some really snazzy and gorgeous colors and color combos.  So, big win there.  I won’t lie to you, it does split, which means you do have to pay attention to your knitting.  Some people hate it for that very reason, but I suspect individual knitting technique is a contributing factor.  I don’t usually have much, if any, problem with it.  I like it and I will be getting more.

This Unforgettable yarn is the colorway “Candied.” It’s made from the No Frills Toboggan Cap, Mark II pattern.  Even though the body of the cap is 12 inches long (4.5 inches of it gets turned under for the “hem”), I still end up with a ball of yarn about 2.5 inches in diameter.  This seems to be just enough yarn to make a Coriolis chemo caps out of.

I’m also getting more of the Caron Simply Soft, because it’s acrylic and it, too, has a very soft hand.  That’s one thing the chemo hat ladies at the cancer center I take my hats to said was a very important criterion.  I can see how skin that used to be protected by a goodly amount of hair, and now isn’t, would be very sensitive, plus chemo does a number on your skin.  The ladies in my knitting group who have been through chemo are all are unanimous about this.

Another thing, I want to get is some soft cotton yarn.  The Paton’s Grace yarn, maybe and there’s some Pima cotton yarn I want to look into for summer chemo hats.  Acrylic yarn is zero absorbent.  Cotton would be absorbent and cooler than acrylic yarn for days like today.  I ordered some skeins of the Paton’s Grace yarn from Joanne’s.  Hopefully, it will get here soon.

Well, surprise.  Today’s high was not 110 F (43.3 C).  It was 112 F (44.4 C).  Not sorry I missed it.  Slept through it. Only sane way to deal with temperatures like that is to become nocturnal.  Oh, and I did increase the number of ice trays in the freezer from 2 to 4.  (4 more in the cabinet I’m not using currently as I don’t have any room in the freezer for them what with frozen dinners, Outshine pops, and bread.)

Supposed to be in the low 80s F (26+ C)  Sunday through Tuesday.  Wednesday’s high 101 F (38.3 C).  Guess when I have to go back to the dentist at 2 p.m. in the afternoon — Wednesday!  — which is actually not as bad as it could be.  Highs for Thursday and Friday are predicted to be 103 F (39.4 C).

I think tomorrow evening I need to water my yard and give it a good soaking.  My weeds are starting to die off. . .