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. . . But I mustn’t.  Still too soon to be eating anything that “chewy.” (I like lots of meats on mine!)  Still restricted to soft foods and to “babying” that side of my mouth. But then, that’s why God gave us choppers and blenders.  I need to get down my blender and run some “chunky” soup through it, and then microwave it.  I need to get my food chopper down and make a “spread” with chicken and onions and black olives and pickles and mayo, and eat it on bread instead of crackers.  Maybe tomorrow.

Wrote up the pattern and posted it for what I’m calling the No Frills Toboggan cap (at right). Most of it is dead easy — stockinette stitch knitted in the round.  The tricky bit is the heming of the bottom, and the decreases.  But, if you know how to do a provisional cast on, a k2tog and an ssk, you’re home free on this hat.  Elegantly simple.

I’m already working on another pattern that will have a braided cable band around the widest circumference of a beret.   You knit a braided cable band, then pick up stitches on either edge of it to work the bottom and top of the beret.

I was having a hard time sleeping there for a while, but now I’m sleeping better.  Last night I had a couple of these long, “story” dreams like I have, that just seem to go on and on, and are fairly coherent in terms of “plot.”  The gist of the one I remember from last night:  I was going to get married, and my mom was all excited. She was in her “mother of the bride” dress, and I had this long, beautiful white wedding gown with long fitted sleeves and an elaborate hairdo.  The wedding was happening in this long, narrow church, and this was the first time my mom had ever met my prospective groom — only I had to ask one of the wedding guests what my groom’s name was, so I could tell my mom when she asked who this was I was marrying, because I hardly knew the guy! (He was cute, though, blond and handsome.)  He was just starting out as a preacher, but I am not “preacher’s wifey” material, and made that plain at the start.  It was really more of a marriage of convenience as we were going to share a house, and I was going to work all night as a medical transcriptionist, and he was going to be a preacher by day, and we were only going to see each other in passing.  It was, to say the least, a strange dream.

I’ve got to go empty the dishwasher of clean dishes, and empty the sink of dirty ones. . . and that will probably take the last of my spoons, so I’ll be crashing out after I take my evening dose of antibiotic and pain meds.