Went to the dentist for my extraction checkup and it was good.  I’m doing OK there.  Still not having any pain to speak of (touch wood!).  Since I’m not (can’t) taking opiates, I’m pretty clear headed, so I’m able to do something a bit more complicated than TV knitting.  My eating is still quite restricted to liquid and soft things.  I had a fried egg sandwich for lunch yesterday — on a commercial white bread hamburger bun, which is pretty much nothing but air and flour paste, so requiring hardly any chewing — so I’m gradually and carefully edging toward more solid food.  Again the dentist stressed “babying” the area and doing nothing that might disturb or disrupt the extraction site and the bone graft within.

Right now, the two most important things are healing without infection, and the bone graft “taking.”  Having the tooth implant requires that my body has made living bone out of the bone graft, and that requires healing without infection.

I made a pattern for a no-frills toboggan hat which has a deep rolled hem and which involves nothing more difficult than knit stitches and ssk’s.  I finished it a little bit ago.  I haven’t published the pattern yet, but I will.