I got in to see the dentist this morning about the loose crown, and we talked over the situation. If the tooth had to be pulled (it should have been pulled 3 years ago), I was going to ask him to recommend someone who could do a dental implant. Turns out he does them himself. He has an opening Wednesday morning — yeah, like tomorrow!

So, bright and early tomorrow morning, my mom is picking me up and he will remove the roots — there’s not enough of the tooth left above the gum line to actually pull it out — which was the problem with the crown (there has to be some tooth left to put the crown on — besides a glob of cement, which is basically what it’s been sitting on for the past 3 years!) Then he will do a bone graft at the same sitting, because it’s a molar and my molars have big, long roots.  Without a bone graft, the tooth socket will be too deep and too wide to hold the part of the implant that goes down into the jawbone.  Fingers crossed the graft will “take”.

In four months, assuming the graft “takes,”  he will implant the shank gismo into the jawbone bone, and then at some point after that, he will put a tooth on it.  That’ll be a total of 3 grand, please. Thank you very much.

My pantry is already well-stocked with soup, oatmeal, and fruit juice, but on my way home, I stopped at Walmart and bought a 12-pack of high-protein Boost.  I have put some ice-fingers* to freeze in the freezer.  My Kindle is well-stocked.  I have DVD’s to watch, and TV knitting** to do.  I’m finishing up syncing my MP# player as I type to listen to calming music during the procedure.

I probably won’t be doing much of anything for the rest of Wednesday but sleeping.  Fingers crossed, ya’ll, that the graft takes, because if it doesn’t, we will have to pursue other, less satisfactory options, like a bridge.

*ice-fingers — half fill a snack size plastic baggie with water and squeeze out the air.  Put it in the freezer and let it freeze.  wrap it in a wash cloth (to protect your skin) and apply to the affected area.  When the ice all melts, put it back in the freezer and refreeze it.
**TV knitting — the pattern is so simple you don’t really have to pay too much attention to what you’re doing.