Well, with eating out on the agenda for Sunday, what happens Friday afternoon but, while I’m eating a very soft gummy vitamin, of all things, I pull the crown off the middle one of my left lower molars.  The last time this happened, just before I moved to the apartment, the dentist gave me the option of having the tooth pulled or he could try putting the crown back on.  I opted for the free solution.  He squirted some goo underneath the crown, squooshed it back on, we let the goo set and I was good to go.   He couldn’t venture to guess how long it would hold.  Three years is not bad for something he expected not to last three weeks.  Happened on a Saturday, last time.

Of course, my dentist’s office closes for the weekend on Friday at noon. This happened at about 3 o’clock. I left a message, called my dinner date and we rescheduled.

Having the tooth, a root canal, pulled would be a bummer unless I can get a dental implant, but one of those babies will run you a couple grand ($1000 to $5000 depending on what’s involved).

It may be that I’ll luck out and he can squirt goo underneath it and put the crown back on.  If he can, I’m game.

I heard a rumble of thunder while ago.  I’ll bet we didn’t get much if any rain out of it.