I washed a load of clothes and a load of sheets and towels, changed my bed, cleaned the pet fountain, and folded/hung up all my clean clothes.  The folded stuff is put up; the hanging clothes are still hanging in the laundry room because they weren’t perfectly dry when I took them out of the dryer.*

I am now done adulting for today. I’m also pooped. Tomorrow I have an appointment at the VA to go to, but after that, I’m done adulting for the week.

While clothes were washing and drying, I sat in the living room (where I could hear the washer and dryer) and knitted on a strip of Gowrie lace which is an alternate lace pattern for the Curved Shoulder Scarf. I’m test knitting my modification of her pattern, which has 22 repeats of the lace pattern instead of 21, and puts the extra 12 stitches in the middle section. I’ll be posting my modified pattern eventually on my knitting website. The Gowrie lace is a little wider than the Diamond lace she has in the pattern — 13 stitches as opposed to 9.  This yarn does not have a very soft hand, which is why I don’t think I’ll be knitting chemo hats out of it, but I do like the colors.

What with all the adulting I did today, I’m ready to call it a night.  B’lieve I will.



*When you take clothes out before they are entirely dry and hang them up, any wrinkles hang out more readily and completely.  You must let them dry completely, however, before you hang them in the closet, or a musty smelling closet can result. .