I’ll start out with the knitting news, because there’s not much else going on.  The Carrie Fisher Memorial PussyHat is done, and I had enough left over from that skein and a skein I made another hat from to make a second CFMPH, which is about an inch shy of being finished.  It turned out nice, and I’m pleased with it.  Need to print up the note that goes inside.

I finished the simple beret with that Red Heart Unforgettable yarn in the colorway “Parrot,” which is as cheerful as all get-out.

I also did what the pattern calls a “Curved Shoulder Scarf” which may be a gift, or maybe not.  Haven’t decided.  It’s in that same “Parrot” Unforgettable Yarn.  It’s a variegated yarn, what they call “self striping” — except I think this ball is a little pinker in the warm end of the spectrum and not quite as orange as the one I made the hat out of.

I still have the Nako Beret to finish.  Maybe tomorrow — assuming I can find my roundtoit, and I have the patience to sit down with the video and learn grafting.

Right now, I’m doing the Curved Shoulder Scarf in the Metallic Wine colorway of the Paton’s Metallic yarn, which is going to be a gift.  It’s turning out really nice.  I need to finish it up tonight.  I’d like to do some more little scarfs and shawls like that.