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My computer side table and printer got to a point where they were all over balls of yarn inside plastic baggies ready for hat knitting and every time I wheeled the table aside to get into my filing cabinet, I had to be picking the yarn fall-out up off the floor.  I finally went out and got one of my plastic moving bins and put the lion’s share of the yarn in it and slid it under the table.  The fat(cat)boy reacted to this in typical feline fashion.

May 4th is, of course, Star Wars day (For the slow of uptake:  May the 4th be with you.)  I read this just now on Tor.com, which blog I read to aim my reading habit.  So now I have to find one of the skeins of Caron Simply Soft Party yarns I have in the color Fuchsia Sparkle, and make a breast cancer chemo PussyHat for Carrie.  I’ll have to regauge the PussyHat pattern for smaller yarn on a size 6, which is no problem, but my 32-inch US6 (4.0 mm) needle is in use.  I’ve got to transfer what I’m making on them to my 16-inch US6 needle, because I’m not ready just this now to get into learning how to graft, which is what has to happen next on that project (!), and to finish that project once grafting is complete, I’ll need the US6 16-incher anyway.  Of course, firstest, I’ve got to roll the skein of Fuchsia Sparkle into a ball because pull skeins are a Work of the Devil. (See above.)  The polite term for that mess is “yarn barf.”

Never mind that I have the Ukrainian hat I need to learn grafting for so I can finish it, and two other hats that I need to finish (one of which needs to be mailed to its recipient sometime this century), this PussyHat for Carrie needs to be done on Star Wars day.  Today.

Houston, we have lift off.

And when the completed hat is donated to the local cancer center, it will have the following message tucked inside.

“The pattern for this hat was written in memory of Carrie Fisher.  It glitters for Carrie, it’s pink for the fight against breast cancer, and it’s a pussy hat for the fight for women’s rights.  It was made on Star Wars day (May 4, 2017).  You always knew you were special.  Now you have proof. This is your Empowered Princess crown, knitted just for you.  Wear it with pride, and may the Force be with you.”