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Regular readers will note that a number of my maternal relatives call  Pearland, Texas, home, and that mom and I have been known to drive down to visit them.  Apparently the Pearland Police Department is dove friendly.  We’re big on motherhood here in the Lone Star State. . .

Regular readers may also recall that I have developed a case of termites in the sliding glass door in the back bedroom.  The bug guys came out Friday and “spot treated” — this involved drilling holes at intervals along the house edge of the “patio” and pumping iinsecticide into the ground along the foundation. then filling in the holes.  Hopefully, this will take care of the problem.  What is to be done about the facing of the sliding glass door remains to be seen.  It needs a carpenter’s attention, but attempts to repair it may open up a whole nother can of worms if the termites have been on a bigger rampage than it appears.  I will seek advice on the subject from the landlady.



In the best of all possible worlds, she’d have that stupid door replaced with a set of French doors.  But then, if wishes were horses, we’d be knee deep in it, wouldn’t we?

Part of my hate-hate relationship with that sliding door is the fact that, not only does it not lock, it doesn’t even latch.  The only thing that prevents its being opened by any “perp” who wants to jump the back fence and do so, is a length of PVC pipe in the sliding door’s track on my side of the door.  Ugh.

In the knitting news, regular readers may remember this little goodie I ran across, and was going to attempt to figure out a pattern for based on what I could tell from the photographs.  I was in Google looking for something else earlier this evening, had a major DUH! moment and realized Google has an image search.   I searched for the image at left and the good news is that I actually found a site that had a knitting pattern for it.  The bad news is, the pattern was in Russian.

Well, Google has a translation feature too, which proceeded to translate the pattern text from Russian to Gibberish.  But, fear not!  Would you believe that the interwebs has pages of Russian to English translations of knitting terms?  Yep.  With that, and the hash I got from Google Translations, I was able to cobble together a halfway decent translation that an experienced knitter could make heads and tails out of well enough to do the deed.  Near as I can tell, that’s worsted weight yarn on maybe a US7 (4.5 mm) or US8 (5.0 mm) needle.   Apparently, the cable cross is worked on a wrong-side row.  That’s interesting.   Now all I need is to learn how to do a provisional cast on, and a three-needle bind-off, and I’m in business!  What I’ve got is going up on my knitting blog.

I also found a video tutorial on YouTube showing how to make a similar hat with a braided cable which was, you guessed it, narrated in Russian. . .

Judging from the pictures of other stuff I saw on that website, and in the vicinity of the YouTube video, I have to say, they have some serious, hard core knitters in the former Soviet Union.

I want to do this hat right now, but I have two hats to finish first, and then there’s the two color hats I had planned, but then . . .