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First, the good:  The Iris is blooming.  I shot the picture on the right over the fence right behind it and, yes, it is an escapee from my neighbor’s bed — and welcome.

(Oxalis dillenii), wood sorrel

Another good is this: It’s called wood sorrel (Oxalis dillenii*) and it’s all over my lawn and blooming. Very pretty dainty little yellow flowers. The examples of this I found on line show a taller plant — probably because it’s not getting mowed every month.  Also, the leaves are folded down.  Ordinarily they look a lot like clover.  I suspect that, as its name implies, it grows in woods and doesn’t get as much sun as it does out in the middle of my yard, and the folding of the leaves may be a response to that.  It may also mean it could use some water.

Also to the good, I am acquiring a third rose bush and maybe a fourth.  The third one is a single cane which is a good three feet high now. No blooms, but plenty of leaves.  Go figure.

The bad is that my friend from knitting group, LB, who has gone two rounds with breast cancer already including a double mastectomy, has had cancer cells turn up in her bones.  She had lesions on two ribs, where a biopsy was taken on 12 April, and yesterday she had a chemotherapy port placed.  She had her first round of chemotherapy today.  (She’s also supposed to have cataract surgery on 26 April and that’s still on schedule.)  Unfortunately, her doctor has mentioned the dreaded words “quality of life” which are truly frightening.  We both share a love of reading as well as knitting, and I’ve turned her on to both the Foreigner series and the Sebastian St. Cyr books.  Not to put too fine a point on that bad, her husband turned up with follicular lymphoma and has undergone radiation treatment for that.

And now for the ugly.  Saturday night when I went in to go to bed, I found little insect wings all over my nightstand — no actual insects, just about a hundred wings.  I did find one dead bug with wings still attached, and yes, the internet confirmed, it was a termite.  Then Monday when I went to take the garbage out, I found this:

It’s on the door jam of the sliding glass door.  I phoned the landlady and told her what I’d discovered.  She received the news with remarkable sangfoid, and told me who to call.  The guy came out later in the day and confirmed the obvious.  They are now in discussion as to just what is going to happen next.  Tis the season for their swarms and since it was rainy last week, there may be a backlog of people needing “intervention” before they can get to me.   At left is either how they got in, or how they were already in and got out.

In a way, I hope that they were already in the wall by the door and that the edge of the door is all eaten up and they have to replace that sliding glass door, which I hate.   Took me a little bit to get over sleeping in a room with an outside door which not only doesn’t lock, it doesn’t even latch.  I’ve got a piece of PVC pipe cut to length and put in the door track to prevent it from opening, and I did put a padlock on my back gate for all the good that does.  Knowing the pipe is there helps.  Kinda.   Now I have termites.  Ugh.

Well, here’s something nice to take my mind off it.