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Been running deep for a while, busy doing things that were just routine and not really noteworthy.  Both Convergence, the newest in the Foreigner series by C. J. Cherryh and Where the Dead Lie, the newest in the Sebastian St. Cyr series by C. S. Harris hit my doorstep Tuesday.  I’ve already read Convergence and and I’m a good three chapters into Where the Dead Lie.  I’m up to 42 books this year so far.  Averaging 14 books a month.  If I could manage the knack of reading and knitting at the same time, I’d be in hog heaven, she said, thoroughly mangling the metaphor.  (Yeah, I know, audiobooks, but I’ve been a medical transcriptionist too long, and my audio retention is too short-term for audiobooks.  That in-my-ear-out-my-fingers pathway is just too hardwired.)

We’ve had a little cold snap — kind of like when you were a kid at the municipal  swimming pool and somebody fwapped you with a wet towel.  I’ve actually had to put the heating pad in the bed to warm up my feet.  Twice.  The temperature keeps yo-yoing up and down. Highs are like 74F (23 C) today, 90 F (32.2 C) Saturday, back down to 69 F (20.5 C) midweek.  It’s getting so I’m having to keep two sets of clothes going.  I may get out and work in the yard some Saturday if I can get my days and nights sorted back around.

I got a new summer bedspread, a 100% cotton one.  A bit pricey, but you get what you pay for.  Its longer, which was my quarrel with the one I had.  Tuck it in at the foot and it was too short at the head.  My bed is tall — the top of the mattress is over 3 feet off the floor — so I usually get king size things even though my bed is queen size so the sides will hang down far enough that I don’t need a dust ruffle, which is the pits to try to put on by yourself.  The new bedspread is a queen size, but it’s easily long enough and lighter than the one I had, which got hot in the summer as I don’t turn my AC down past 78 F (25.5 C).

Naturally, right after I put the new bedspread on, we had a cold snap and I had to put a blanket over it.  I am counting my blessings, however.  Other parts of the country have gotten large amounts of snow.  Bear who lives in Massachusetts posted a picture on her Tumblr account of the foot of snow they got on April 1.  The weather played a very un-ha-ha April Fool joke on a lot of people in the NE, including those at the Cat Farm and Confusion Factory in central Maine, not all of whom are pelted for that kind of weather.

I’ve been trying Twining’s Chai with almond milk and vanilla coffee creamer and it’s lovely.  It also refrigerates nicely.  Right now I’m in fleece, but I have a cotton shirt and pants handy.  I’ve also got a pitcher of iced tea in the fridge just in case.

There is gobs of tree pollen in the air right now “Very High” according to the pollen index on The Weather Channel.  In addition to stuffing up my sinuses and making me sneeze, it makes my eyes run and gives me goo eye.  Not the happiest of campers just now.

In the knitting news, I’ve been doing some chemo hats in cotton yarn for summertime.  I’m doing some “kitten” hats, which are PussyHats in other colors besides pink, in cotton yarn, too, because they’re fun.  The way I figure it, people undergoing chemotherapy need all the fun they can get.

The blue and white hat was made using a modified chemo Coriolis Hat pattern which eliminated the knit rows, which I’m calling “Spiral Staircase Hat” — the difference being that the spiral is tighter.  I’ve got a bunch of cotton yarn in fun colors that I want to make up into chemo hats for summer.

I did a set of “Wedding Yarmulkes” to send to Florida with my friend just in case, or to share with others who might want to use them.  You’ll notice I twisted the cables in two different directions.  Getting the cable to twist the other way is a simple matter of substituting C6B for C6F where ever it appears in the pattern.  I like the way they turned out.  I might try one in cotton yarn.

I’ve got some yarn to do some knitted knockers but you have to have small diameter double pointed needles for those.  ChiaoGoo makes a set of sock needles which is what I’ll need for them.  That goes into the next budgetary cycle.  I also want to try knitting some socks, and in order to knit socks, you need sock needles.