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Our knitting group meets in a branch of the city library.  Because our group is sponsored by the library, we get to use the meeting room for free.  If another group wants to use it, they have to pay, and in the event that a paying customer wants the room during our meeting time, we get preempted.  One time when we got preempted without advance notice, the library ladies taped a sign up on the meeting room door that said, “Knitting is in Juvenile Fiction.”  The reason we end up in Juvenile Fiction is that there are three large tables with chairs in that area of the library.

We got preempted again last night, this time by the model train club.  Again.  They use the room on a pretty regular basis, and we are resigned to it.  B is a new member who has been coming a couple of months now.  She is Asian-American and a recent convert to ChiaoGoo needles — two unrelated facts, actually, as brand of knitting needles is entirely a matter of personal preference.  This time, she brought a set of twins with her, aged about 7, Asian-American, and just about as cute as they could be.  They were not hers, but were in her care in some way I was never able to sort out, but never mind.  They wanted to learn to knit, and I ended up showing one of them the long-tail cast on, which she picked up in record time.  B’s daughter, aged 9, also showed up.  Apparently, she has caught the knitting bug from her mother, and is learning to knit as well.  B uses the Portuguese method of knitting, and our leader, M, decided she wanted to learn this method.

We also had another mother-daughter team show up.  The mother was a crocheter, and both she and her daughter wanted to learn to knit.  Because she already knew how to crochet*, it was decided that she would learn continental style, and yrs trly stepped into the breach.  A rather fun if chaotic night.

I finally got travel pay from my last trip to Amarillo, and I invested in four sets of ChiaoGoo 6-inch stainless steel double pointed needles (DPNs) in US sizes 4, 6, 7, and 8 (3.4, 4.0, 4.6 and 5 mm).  I can’t always find ChiaoGoo needles in the types and sizes I want on Amazon, but I went to the ChiaoGoo website and found one of their authorized dealers, Smartisans, and ordered from them.  Their prices are very competitive with Amazon’s.  ChiaoGoo sells “sock sets” of the small size 6-inch DPNs in a nice little zippered case, but there aren’t any such “sets” in the larger size needles that I typically use for hats and stuff.  However, on Amazon, I did find an empty ChiaoGoo needle case for DPNs and got one.  I plan to get another empty case, and maybe a sock set. as funds permit.

I got frustrated with the Cobblestone Pie hat, pulled it off the needles and unraveled it all.  I wanted those needles anyway for the yarmulke/hat I’m doing a pair of for my friend JT’s going away party — for him if he needs it, or for others if he wants to share.  The “feller” he’s moving to Key West to be with is associated with a church in some way (pastor?) and has a ministry with the LGBT community there.  (Apparently Key West is a very inclusive community.) A matching set of white wedding yarmulkes** might be a nice thing to have to hand. The sharing thing would resonate with my friend, as he’s a very sharing, caring person.  A dear, old soul.

I’m enjoying working on it, listening to music on my computer, rared back in my recliner. Once you’ve master the skill of knitting, it can be a very meditative activity.  It’s a “back-brain-centric” (cerebellum) type activity, with very little involvement of the forebrain (frontal lobes).  This allows you to be contemplative, or to think things through, or to work things out, or just let your mind drift.


*It is typically easier for crocheters to learn the continental method of knitting because they are already used to holding and tensioning the working yarn in their left hand.
**assuming the loose cannon in the oval office (or those who are using him as a stalking horse to pursue their own agendas) doesn’t decide to stack the Supreme Court in order to get it to reverse its decision on gay marriage — among other things that the religious right and ultra conservatives are unhappy with.