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What I should have done Saturday evening was take an Advil before I went to bed.  Because I didn’t, when I woke up Sunday, muscles that hadn’t been used in a while were very unhappy with me.  They are still grumbling two days later.

In the knitting news, I found out my dear friend JT is moving to Key West (FL), sooner than expected, and I need to get my rear in gear and make him some cotton skullcaps.  He will still have to smear the SPF 45 on his dear little dome, but the skullcaps will help. I’ll make as many as I can before his party on the 25th.

Speaking of which, I got the Coriolis hat in navy metallic finished, and it turned out very nicely.  Simple elegance.  This version has yarn over increases. It’s made in multiples of 7.  The adding of stitches at the beginning of the pattern repeat and taking them off at the end is what does the spiraling.  How you add stitches affects the pattern.  “K1, yo” leaves little eyelets.  Kfb’s (knit front and back) don’t. Here’s the eyeletted version.

The chemo version of this hat at right uses kfb’s for the increases so there are no “holes” for nekkid scalp to show through.  The yarn is a dark fuchsia DK weight with a metalic strand in the thread which is turning out quite nice.  One version of the pattern makes a leftward spiral; the other version makes a rightward spiral, and you can make it with or without eyelets by which method you use for the increases.  A very versatile pattern indeed.

The thing is, you need double pointed needles to do the decreases to the point of these kinds of hats, and I only have a few sets of metal DPNs, the rest being bamboo. I want some ChiaoGoo stainless steel DPNs, but I am at the low ebb of my budget at the moment, so I’m having to make do with the bamboo.  I hadn’t realized how nice the ChiaoGoo needles were until I had to use my Boye US 7 (4.5 mm) 16-inch circular needles.  Ye Gadz.  Such a  noticeable difference.  The ChiaoGoos have such a nicely tapered point.  The k3togs are so much harder on the wooden needles, not only because they’re not as pointed as the ChiaoGoos and not as slippery (being wood and not stainless steel), but because the points are tapered over a shorter distance.  Ah, well.  If wishes were horses, we’d be knee-deep in it.

I found I had a skein of Caron Simply Soft in white, and an idea came to mind.  I think I have enough to get two hats out of it, with twisted cables. . . . very symbolic.  Now I want to hurry up and get that Cobblestone Pie hat finished so I can use my ChiaoGoo US 6 (4.0 mm) 16-inch needles to do the white hats.

The picture at left is for Shoreacres.  I have other, nondigitized ones elsewhere of me on a tricycle brandishing one of my shooting irons, wearing my pistol pockets and my red cowboy hat.  Period.  But those are staying right where they are.  Here, I’m wearing my straw cowboy hat, seeing as how it was summer.  Note the stylish saddle oxfords. My mom probably made that dress  The horse is the infamous Buddo, who was my first mount.  I later upgraded to the tail fin of a baby blue 1957 Oldsmobile Rocket 88 Sedan, which we had for long enough that it was the first car I ever drove by myself. (That sucker had a 122-inch wheelbase, which is just over 10 feet, BTW —  fortunately it also had power steering, not to mention a 371 cubic inch (6.1 L), 277 horsepower (207 kW) Rocket V8.) engine.)

Too bad about Shoreacres crushing for Roy Rogers.  I’m pretty sure I saw him first.  In the early 1950’s they used to show the old Republic Roy Rogers movies on Saturday mornings on one of our two local TV stations. I would be up at the crack of dawn to watch them.  I loved the Sons of the PioneersTheir harmony gave me goosebumps.  I had a yellow plastic 45 of “Happy Trails” and drove my mother crazy playing it.

Our thought for the day is courtesy of Doodlemum’s meme Monday:

Words to live by.