And bagged and took bags to the dumpster.  Started at noon, got finished right at 6:00 pm.  That pile you see in the picture below is what I raked up from that whole side of the yard, plus what was in the bag. The two below are what the other side — the side with the $%#^&*#$%@! locust tree —  looked like before I started raking.

The next two are after a good little bit of raking.

I lost count at 8 bags.  Probably 12 or 14 total.  There toward the end, the wind picked up and I ended up sitting on the ground where I could control the bags easier, and stuffed leaves into sacks one cotton-picking handful at a time. In that last picture, you can see the concrete block and bricks to the right of the picture.  I’ll be taking those out when I have some 18 x 18 pavers to replace them with to go out from the concrete pad to out under the water spiggot/hosepipe connection.

All clean!  A significant portion of the green stuff is weeds, but the Bermuda grass is coming out also.  Now all that’s left is to clear out this old wood (below), but it was clouding up and the wind was getting very gusty, and it was sneaking up on 6 pm.  Sufficient unto the day. . . .