31Ztv63PeYLMoseying along in a generally forward direction, albeit not at any speed.  Yesterday, I finally located my roundtuit, a Phillips screw driver and my pliers and replaced the socket on my bedside lamp.  It is now in situ and working nicely once more.  The reason I got that lamp in the first place was because of its small footprint.  The lamp (at left) I was using in the interim was part of a pair I had previously used as bedside lamps, but which has the footprint of a small Clydesdale.  I have a phone handset, a clock, an internet radio and an Oreck air purifier on my bedside table, IMG_1493and when one of the pair of lamps got broken, I got the lamp I’m using now (below right)

The “Oz*” water guy was by to change out the filters in the under sink unit.  Unfortunately, the appointment he had before mine was in Levelland, so he was a bit delayed.  (The local surrounding towns have such picturesque names — Levelland, Post, Brownfield, Plainview . . . )

In the knitting news, the US 9 (5.5 mm) 60-inch ChiaoGoo Red Lace circular knitting needles I ordered arrived and, unable to restrain myself, I launched into my envisioned reader’s shrug with swatch for gauge, 2017_02_21-03tape measure, and the little calculator program that comes with Windows 7. It’s fairly along with the back probably 3/4ths done.   I started in the center of the back using a figure-of-eight cast on, so there’s no seam, and I’m knitting in a horizontal direction toward both arms.   It’s a tricky bit of knitting as both ends are on the same needle and I have to knit two rows on one side, then change sides and knit two rows on the other side.

2017_02_21-02When I get to the shoulders, I’ll join each sleeve to knit in the round and knit them two at a time, which is why I’m using the 60-inch long needle.  Since each side has its own ball of yarn attached, I’m using my covered knitting bowl which has the slits cut in the lid.  It’s easily large enough for two big balls of yarn, and the fact that the lid has two slits works well with using two balls of yarn at the same time.

2017_02_21-04 2017_02_21-01







ribbedshrug-2001208891603I’m shooting for something like these, by which BlueHomespunShrug1_small2you can see that a shrug is essentially a pair of sleeves connected across the back.  Still working on the shawls and some hats.  When I get bored with one project, I switch out, so I’ve always got stuff going.

I don’t know about your keyboard, but my computer keyboard has a little ridge across the bottom of the upper surface of the “F” key and the “J” key.  As the touch typists know, these are the “home keys” for the two index fingers, which is why there are ridges on those keys.  I mention it because the ridge on the “J” key is worn down, making it hard to find the right key when I return my right hand to the keyboard after mousing.  This has become somewhat annoying as the ridge is no longer all that prominent and my right index finger doesn’t always make it back to the home key.  Next thing you know, I’ve typed about half a line of gibberish. Sigh.

  • “Oz” water — water purified using reverse osmosis.