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The “Oz*” water guy was supposed to come out at 11 o’clock and change the filters in my under-sink unit, but at about 10 o’clock one of the ladies at the Oz water place called to say wouldn’t be coming as he’d gone home sick.  Apparently, there’s this nasty strain of flu going around as well as a Strep throat germ, and they have had a terrible time with their employees coming down with one or the other and calling in sick.  Anyway, we had to reschedule.  Several other people I know of have been sick with this flu, including the “teacher” in our knitting group and her daughter.

Just because I’ve had already gotten a flu shot this year doesn’t mean I won’t pick up this flu that’s going around because it may not be one of the strains of flu they made this year’s shot from.  There are several strains, and apparently the strain that is currently percolating through the population is a ring-tailed doozy.  I am sincerely trying very hard not to get it. (touch wood!)

Here directly, I need to access my toolbox and get a Phillips head screwdriver and a pair of pliers and fix a lamp, which is the next item on the agenda.  The switch on my bedside lamp has malfunctioned.  It was one of those switches that had a knob you twist.  I have purchased a new socket, one that pushes.  What remains is to replace the defunct socket with the new one.

“Here directly” means “soon, in a while,” but not quite as soon as “fixing to”  “Directly” by itself is sooner than “here directly,” but still not as soon as “fixing to.”  “Fixing to,” of course, means “commencing to begin to start.” There are fine gradations involved here.

Long time followers of this blog may have become aware that here in the flatlands, we are noted for our colorful language — which does come in other colors besides blue  —  and I ran across this little linguistic gem the other day:  “If you put his brains in a bluejay, it would fly backwards.”  We have such a rich and versatile language and I do like to see it used creatively and well.

And speaking of words at play, my number one favorite quote from The Gathering Edge by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller comes in the form of a note pasted beside a gauge readout in the repair jitney: “Your fist will not recalibrate this dial.”  The Gathering Edge is a very readable book, with very well rounded characters, suspense, excitement and humor.  I enjoyed it very much.  I’ve only just read it and I’m already jonesing for the next book (which comes out next year).  I may have to do some rereading of some of my other Liaden books.  Sigh.

2017_02_16-02In the knitting news, I’ve edited the pattern for the PussyHat to include bulky:5 weight yarn and super bulky:6 weight yarn as well as worsted/medium:4 weight yarn.  I’m knitting one up in a super bulky Lion Brand “Hometown USA” that’s called “Phoenix Azalea.”  I’m using a 47-inch Knitter’s Pride Dreamz circular needle (US size 11 (8.0 mm) to do it using the Magic Loop method.  The Dreamz needles have a nylon connector cord, which is so sproing-y.  Makes me appreciate my ChiaoGoo Red Lace needles even more.