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When the little steel ball got shot round into this day, I had three things on the agenda:  (1) Shower and wash my hair, (2) stop off at the grocery store on the way to knitting group to get some snack type food and beverage for our (3) Valentine’s Day party (which we had to make up for not having had an Xmas party which we didn’t have because reasons).  Attendees at the party ranged from a 9-year-old, there with her mother learning to crochet (we do not discriminate on the basis of race, national origin, creed, sex, age, or number of loops on the needle), to our “instructor” who is older than I am. (I think.)  My supper consisted of gumi hearts, both chocolate and yellow-cake iced and sprinkled cupcakes (I do not discriminate on the basis of color, flavor, or number of sprinkles), bean dip with blue corn tortilla chips, and Gold Peak Peach Tea (180 calories, 45 g of sugar in 18.5 oz of more or less tea — it may be 4 o’clock in the morning before I stop ricocheting around the room like a 4-year-old amped to the max on a loading dose of high fructose corn syrup).

One of our number showed up late in a stunning faux mink coat.  (it was 91 F/32 C Saturday.  Today it wasn’t.)  The cupcakes were her fault.  I brought the bean dip, blue corn tortilla chips and Coke ponies (7.5 oz “mini cans” — I’ve always heard the small cans referred to as “ponies” and so I referred to them earlier in the evening, and got looked at askance by some of the assemblage.)

We have a southpaw in the group who was trying to learn how to do a Norwegian cast-on (also known as the German Twisted Cast-On) because she wants to knit a pair of socks from the top down.  I invite you to watch the video, and then imagine trying to teach this technique to someone who insists on doing this left-handed.  (She actually did figure it out . . .) But while I’m listening to her mentor instructing her to put her needle over, through, around, etc., my sugar-charged brain pinged off the song “Over Under Sideways Down” — I thought it might have been by the Kinks (it wasn’t). I said something about it to the lady (Class of 72) next to the instructor, who thought she remembered it, then proceeded to look it up on her smart phone and play it for us.

Then she, and I, and the lady sitting next to her segued into a nice little discussion on gussets and sock heels.  When you knit a sock from the top down, you end up having to Kitchner stitch or otherwise close the toe.  My toes do not like this kind of sock toe.  I prefer the toe-up style of knitting socks, which you start using the seamless Turkish Cast-on.   Oddly enough, which direction you happen to be knitting in (top down or bottom up) affects the technique you use to turn the heel.   These are deep waters.

By the time I got home, I was thoroughly wired (definition #4) thanks to all the sugar, and my question as to whether or not that song was by the Kinks remained unanswered.  Googled it.  Found out the song was by the Yardbirds.  While perusing the Wikipedia entry on the Yardbirds, I discovered that group members included at one time or another, Eric Clapton and Jimmy Page, two massive Guitar Heros*.  Page went on to become one of the founding members of Led Zeppelin. Supposedly Page got the idea of playing his electric guitar with a cello bow from David McCallum, Sr., a professional violinist and also father of the actor of the same name, Jr.  During his career, McCallum, Sr., was also first violin in the Mantovani orchestra, and was part of the 40-piece orchestra that recorded “A Day In The Life” on the Beatles seminal album, “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.

As I was catching up on my blog reading, I came across this series of drawings from Mattias Adolfsson, a Swedish artist whose blog I follow.  He has a very convoluted, detailed and droll style.  This selection was entitled The Roconauts, (Rococo In Spaaaaace!).  I LOL’ed.

mattias-adolfsson-roconauts-blaster mattias-adolfsson-roconauts-diplomacy mattias-adolfsson-roconauts-documentation mattias-adolfsson-roconauts-first-contact mattias-adolfsson-roconauts-line-of-command mattias-adolfsson-roconauts-rover mattias-adolfsson-roconauts-the-bridge mattias-adolfsson-roconauts-vessel

So, having added to my fund of trivia, giggled over some tongue-in-cheek artwork and finally fizzed out on my sugar high, I think I’ll seek out my beddy boo and crash for the evening.  Busy day tomorrow.  I have five, and perhaps six items on the agenda.  Busy, busy.

*legendary expert rock guitarist.