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Quiet, peaceful. Listening to music. Sitting at the computer, knitting in my lap.

2017_02_03-03 2017_02_03-04The PussyHat is finished.  The pattern presumes you have a modicum of knitting skillz and a sense of adventure.  It turned out like I wanted it to, i.e., a seamless analog of the pattern posted on the web.  I am not a fan of k2, p2 ribbing.  It’s not as elastic or as “springy” as k1, p1 ribbing, and that’s what I’d change about it.  This was made with a cotton yarn.

I’ve got some more pink yarn  that’s acrylic and I may do another one in acrylic, but if I decide to do one with it, I think I want to drop down a couple sizes on the needle and do it on a US6(4.0 mm) size needle.  In order to do that, I’m going to need to get US6 circular needles in 16-inch and 32-inch lengths, which are not in the budget at the moment unless I decide to do some transcription work for that jive outfit in San Francisco next week . . . .

In the meantime, I’ve got a bajillion projects to finish.  A reader’s shrug I need to write the pattern for and make up, and have bought the yarn for.  There’s two cowls, two shawls to give away and a third shawl to finish for myself that I have out to work on, besides three drawers full of UFOs.  I feel a binge watch coming on.  I can’t start on the shrug until I finish one of the giveaway shawls because I need the US10(6.0 mm) 60-inch needle I’m using on it for the reader’s shrug.

The other day, I put what was left of the frozen ham from Christmas into the chopper and chopped it up fairly fine.  Put that in a bowl and added some chopped black olives, chopped white onions, and chopped Kosher dills and some mayo and made a nice cracker spread.  Ate the last of it earlier for lunch.  I really need to do up a package of elbow macaroni and do some Wolf Brand chili and elbows to use up the rest of the white onion I used part of for the ham spread.   I could also make up a batch of chicken salad while I was at it.  I could eat on that for days.  Think I might see if I can marshal the motivation to get up and do that.  Might take a bit of marshaling, because I’ve got to empty the dishwasher of clean dishes and put the stack of dirty dishes into it before I do anything.

Toward the end of the month, I need to start thinking about raking up the locust pods out of the back yard.  Toward the end of March I should maybe start watering so the grass can get going.  I also need to be thinking about the front bed and what I want to plant there.  I think the rose bushes that are already there are coming up in favor of some of those rose bushes that bloom all the time.  They are way less susceptible to black spot.  What I want is a bed full of low maintenance perennials that bloom a lot.  That bed only gets the morning half of a day’s sun and gets a lot of runoff from the roof whenever it rains, which is another consideration.  In the meantime, the bed needs some work and I still need some tools (pruners, spade, shovel, a bow saw) and some pavers for under the water spigots.  That tree in the back yard needs some work.  It’ll do me good to get outside and exercise, and yard work is nothing if not exercise . . .