Allow me to paraphrase Bette Davis’ famous quote from “All About Eve.”

It took “Dubbya” three years to reach a 50% disapproval rating.  It took our loose cannon of a current President 8 days to hit 49%. Hate to say I told you so, but . . . .

ian-mckellens-womens-march-sign-featured-sir-patrick-stewart-as-star-treks-captain-picardA poster I missed on my post about posters from The Women’s March was this one being held by Sir Ian McKellen.  He found it while participating in the Women’s March.  The sign is made from a picture of Patrick Stewart in his role as Enterprise Captain Jean Luc Picard doing a facepalm. Then Patrick Stewart’s response (below) appeared on Facebook with the perfect tag, “Inception.”

(McKellen also noted that “trump” is British schoolyard slang for “passing wind.”  Somebody needs a “My Indian Name Is* ” tee shirt . . . )


Then there’s this, which started out as a Dr. Seuss drawing from WWII in protest of the US’s isolationist policy.  I kinda tweaked it just a hair.

dr-seuss-isis-the-wolfOK.  That’s enough politics for this post.

In the knitting news, I’ve spent the afternoon writing a knitting pattern for a Pussy Hat.  (I knew I got that hot pink yarn for a reason . . . .)  The pattern on the internet was for straight flat knitting folded over and seamed up each side, but I hate seaming knitted things . . .

You will find my seamless, top-down version of the PussyHat here:  And here are some pics.  It was an interesting design challenge that had me dipping into my bag of tricks . . .


The Turkish cast on, for going two directions at the same time without a seam down the middle (used for toe up socks), gives the “folded over” look.


The Magic Loop method allows for shaping of the top which produces the pointy ears while allowing you to knit in the round something that would otherwise have to be knitted flat and seamed up the side.


Because knitting in the round makes it seamless on the sides.


The ears take shape.  Once you get this far, you have enough slack that you can knit it off onto a 16-inch circular needle.


From here on in, it knits up just like a regular hat, all in one piece.

For a college man: My Indian Name is “Runs with Beer”
For a teenaged boy: My Indian Name is “Head in the Refrigerator”
For a teenaged girl: My Indian Name is “Talks with Her Thumbs”
For the current President: My Indian Name is “Passing Wind.”