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Things are happening, and I’m not sure whether or not I’m going to blog about it yet, or ever.  However, I will say, for those who were concerned about the fine needle biopsy result, it was negative for breast cancer.

This post is just a collection of goodies gleaned from current events and whatnot that I wanted to put where I could find them again.

First this excerpt from an interview of Lois McMaster Bujold that was up on the Tor website which gives you a big clue why I like her writing.  She is speaking here of her Vorkosigan saga books:

ECM: When and how did you decide (or realize) that Jole and Aral were lovers?

LMB: “Decide” is probably too strong a word, but the possible development existed in my mind pretty much from the moment Jole walked onstage for the first time in The Vor Game, back when I was writing it in 1989. It rode along as a potential in what I called “Schrödinger’s Cat Carrier” for many years thereafter.

It’s that “Schrödinger’s Cat Carrier.”  Of course, “Schrödinger’s Cat” refers to a famous “thought experiment.”  Her random subatomic event was when she came back to the Vorkosigan-verse after a decade’s hiatus and wrote Gentleman Jole and the Red Queen.

I marched Saturday, but only in spirit.  I thought I’d share some favorite signs of the times from those who did. (Most of these came from Mark Hamill‘s Twitter feed): (No apologies for the language).


Poster designed by Mississippi artist Hayley Williams


For those who don’t “get” the sign on the left, it refers to the 1973 U.S. Supreme Court decision that states laws which made it illegal for a woman to have an abortion up to three months of pregnancy were unconstitutional.


This one is my favorite, for both the sign and the boy.

screenshot_12 screenshot_14 screenshot_15best-funny-creative-signs-from-womens-march-2017-2 best-funny-creative-signs-from-womens-march-2017-19 best-funny-creative-signs-from-womens-march-2017-34 best-funny-creative-signs-from-womens-march-2017-49

I was heartened and glad to see the percentage of men marching in solidarity with the women.   The thing I find most astonishing about the Women’s March — Millions of people marched in hundreds of cities all across the United States.   Millions.  There was no violence, no destruction of property, and only 4 people were arrested during the march.  In the whole United States.  Four.

Again, sans segue, when I was checking the weather forecast, I found that the Weather Channel had compiled a chart of the windiest cities in America: Cities #1 (Tx), #3 (Tx), and #5 (KS) are all out on the Great Plains of the central US, where there is a very noticeable lack of anything to deflect or divert the wind.   No surprise that two of the top three cities are in the Texas Panhandle.  In fact, City #1 is about 130 miles north of City #3, and it’s been right windy in both of those two cities of late, as in wind speeds of 25-40 mph (40-64 kph).

screenshot_10To change subjects again without the slightest attempt at a segue,  I had an interesting conversation in a waiting room today.  There were only three of us waiting, a Black man and a white woman, and me.  There was a TV in the waiting room tuned to CNN, and Carrie Fisher was mentioned (see above).  It was a short jump from Star Wars to Star Trek.   The white woman mentioned how the communicator devices on the original Star Trek series inspired the invention of cell phones.  I contributed that the idea of the automatic “self-opening” door also came from the original Star Trek series.  The Black man mentioned that Lt. Uhura (Nichelle Nichols) was his first love.  I told him that at one point Nichelle Nichols had decided to leave Star Trek to sing on Broadway, but Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. urged her to remain on the show as she was such a positive role model at a very crucial time in American history and in the Civil Rights movement. Dr. King convinced her to stay. The Black man had never heard that particular story, and I was honored to be able to share it with him and watch him embrace it.  It was a gleaming moment in an otherwise long and rather bootless day.

2017_01_24-03In the knitting news, I ended up getting a second ChiaoGoo Red Lace size US10 (6.0 mm) 60 inch circular knitting needle as I am currently, and concurrently, knitting two “Malguri Morning” shawls.  The longer needles will accommodate the large number2017_01_24-01 of stitches I will end up binding off to finish the shawls.  Each shawl uses 8 skeins of yarn and increases two stitches every two rows, so you wind up with a lot of stitches.  I could only get 6 skeins of the Northern Lights color, which is the “self-striping” (variegated) color at right, but the Electric Blue solid color matches the blue in it so I’m adding in two solid stripes of it.  The second stripe will be narrower.  That’s the thing with the variegated yarn; as the “triangle” becomes wider at the top, the stripes become narrower.

Oh, and here’s a pix of my favorite knitting accessory — the fat(cat)boy. 2017_01_24-022016_11_24-02The lap robe covering my foots is one I made out of a twin-size microfleece blanket.  We’re very leopard printy in the living room.  My furniture is all brown leather and the print adds interesting visual texture.  The red/oxblood/orange/gold of the flowers and drapes add that little pop of color among the earth tones.

Putting that pane of glass over the fireplace opening has made the room noticeably warmer.