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A knitting needle is not among the choice of murder weapons available in the game of Clue, but then, we did do it in the Library tonight — our knitting group routinely meets in the meeting room in a branch of our local city library.  Only tonight, there was a sign on the door of the room we usually meet in that read:

“Knitters are meeting in juvenile fiction tonight.”

Since we do not pay to use the room, we get bumped when there are paying customers.  Not sure who it was who bumped us tonight, but when that happens we meet in the library proper (in the juvenile fiction section, oddly enough).  Tonight, we had three regulars, a second-timer, a newbie, eight Brownies and four troop leaders. The Brownies (Girl Scouts in the making) were about 7 or 8 years old.  They had decided they were going to learn to knit and/or crochet. Let’s just say some of them were more motivated than others. One of our regulars is a southpaw, so it fell to the other two of us to instruct — and the other lady had sprained her right thumb rather badly and had a ginormous brace on it.  Since I’m a switch hitter and can both knit and crochet, I got the lion’s share of the teaching duty.

In other news, my sink disposal unit was acting up the other day.  In my experience the first stage of troubleshooting such problems is:  When you flip the switch, does nothing happen or does it buzz at you?  If you flip the switch and nothing happened, then you find the reset button on the bottom of the unit and press it.  If that doesn’t work, it’s broke and needs to be fixed/replaced.  If it just buzzes at you, that means it’s “bound down” and you need to take a special Allen wrench that is provided by the manufacturer and loosen a hex nut on the underside of the unit.  Typically, when a plumber installs a disposal, the Allen wrench that comes with it ends up in the plumber’s toolbox. . .

Because of all the plumbing issues I had in the apartment, I got to know the main handymen, and they got to know that I was a Toolbelt Diva.  About the second time my disposal “bound down” and one of them had to come over to loosen the nut back up, they just gave me the Allen wrench and showed me where the nut was.  The Allen wrench went into my tool box . . . where it still was the other day when the disposal here got “bound down.”  A small matter of popping out to my toolbox in the garage, getting the wrench and loosening the nut.  Took five minutes, max, and beats the heck out of paying a plumber $60 or $70 bucks to come out and do it.

When I came back from getting my biopsy Friday, my “check tires” light was lit on my car.  I couldn’t see that any of the tires was visibly low, but I just knew when I went out Saturday to check again, I’d have a flat tire.  Nope.  When I checked Saturday, I still couldn’t tell that any of the tires were low on air.  Before I went to knitting group, I went to mom’s to help her put Christmas decorations back up in the attic and to change out a light bulb for her in this one fixture she has a hard time getting the cover off of.  When I set off for her house, the “check tire” light was still lit.  Unfortunately, I do not have a tire pressure gauge (I should probably get one) and it was too late in the afternoon to make it to the oil change place (where they also check tires) before they closed. I was thinking I’d need to make a trip out Wednesday to get that seen to, but when I got into my car at my mom’s house to go to knitting group, the tire pressure light did not light up.  Don’t know why.  It’s mysterious.