2016_12_30-01I went behind the drapes to get some yarn out of my yarn stash and realized that the fat(cat)boy’s Littermaid had no lights on.  I checked to see if it was plugged firmly into the socket, tried to turn it off and on, and then saw this >>>.  The reason the Littermaid wasn’t working was because the little schmoe had chewed the Littermaid’s power cord practically in two.

Fortunately, I am a packrat.  I’ve had multiple Littermaids over the years and in the process I accumulated an extra power cord, which I had squirreled away, so I didn’t have to track one down and order it and wait for it to get here (scooping the while).  After I got the Littermaid plugged back in and operational again, I taped the cord firmly to the wall and baseboard with clear packing tape. Hopefully, he won’t try to chew on the part of the cord that comes out from the transformer, which does protrude invitingly. Now that I think about it, I may need to tape down the cord to his pet fountain, while I’m deterring the behavior. . . .

I swear, one of these days the little dweeb is going to chew through a cord and fry his little gizzard.  I’m surprised he hasn’t done it already.