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2016_12_28-01I finished the Hat From The Blue Lagoon this afternoon, which was the only pressing project as it has to go into the mail when I go out tomorrow.  It was only about 2 o’clock so I bit the bullet and went after my cordless drill.  This is how my desktop was.  You can see how everything is all jammed 2016_12_28-02together and there’s hardly any room on the left hand side for a plate or anything especially if my knitting bowl is over there.   A glass or cup obscured a portion of my monitor.  A salad plate would barely fit before.  Now I can get a dinner plate over there, even when my knitting bowl is over there. You can see at right how crowded everything is on the table top.  My phone was back behind the right-hand monitor between it and the tower.   In the picture at top, you can see something green to the right of the desk (my trash can — there was a time when I could not have an uncovered waste basket in my house because a certain white cat would tip it over, rummage through the contents, eat anything paper in it, and then refund it on the carpet.  Alas he went to that great cat tree in the sky last year at the ripe old age of 15).  The new desk extends all the way over that green trash can to the black filing cabinet.

Well, I disentangled and disconnected all the computer equipment and moved it off to the side out of harm’s way (and the fat(cat)boy’s — have I mentioned he’s a cord chewer?), dragged the old desk out into the hall and took the legs off it.  They are nice sturdy, heavy, metal legs with casters on as you can see below.  I got the shrink wrap off the new Ikea table top flipped it over and began marking it to predrill for the screws that attach the legs.  The second hole I predrilled, I realized that the solid area ended about six inches in from each end, and beyond that, the desktop material was not2016_12_28-03 nearly as solid and was likely not going to hold the screws.  (It also explained why the table top was so light.) However, in each corner, holes had been predrilled so you could attach a set of Ikea legs to the table top, and that area was designed to hold screws in, so I had to position my metal legs where the screws would go into that area. However, that was no biggie. Did my predrilling, put the screws in, turned it back over and there it was.

2016_12_28-04I had some plastic shelf liner that looks like grass cloth which doesn’t completely cover the table top, but that’s OK.  It covers the bit where food or liquid might get spilt.  Then I put everything back on it and hooked it all up.  As you can see, there’s much more room on the left side for a glass or cup, my knitting bowl, and anything else I want to put there — All told, it took me about an hour and a half from start to finish, and cost $30 bucks.

When I bought the food for Thanksgiving dinner, I bought an extra container of dressing and froze it.  This last time I went grocery shopping, I bought some “Carving Board” turkey.  I thawed the dressing and put it in the oven about an hour ago, and I got my hammer and church key and opened a can of jellied cranberry sauce.  My timer just went off, which means the dressing is done — Dinner Time!

This Just In:  Yes, a dinner plate fits quite nicely to the right of my computer keyboard. I had brought home a share of the cheesy potatoes my mom made for Christmas dinner and I’m having them with my turkey, dressing and cranberry sauce.  Nums!

One more thing on the house sorting agenda is the sewing table still set up in my bedroom.  I still have that one more lap robe to do, and the table is starting to collect things — things that need to be dealt with — that I have parked there, intending to deal with them later.  Apparently, it’s not later yet.

I have a “preventive maintenance” dental appointment tomorrow, and I go see my PCP Friday who has been concerned about my blood pressure.  I have a cuff at home and I’ve been spot checking it, and I notice it is much improved now that I am over the stress of the move and have the house pretty well sorted.   Now that I have my new desktop in place, the reader’s table fixed, and the draft from the fireplace contained, I should be able to settle in and do some serious shawl knitting and binge TV watching starting tomorrow evening. That will be good, because the next knitting projects on the agenda are three shawls.