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img_0001Did the above one with tag ends of two different color blends of self=striping yarn.  The green/brown yarn on the top and bottom was the bigger ball, which I divided into two equal sized balls.  I knotted in the blend of purple, black and blue to one ball of the green/brown,and then the second ball of the green/brown onto the purple, black and blue. Cut it pretty close to not having enough yarn.  I might have been able to get two more rows out of what was left, but then again, maybe not.  I like the way the two different color blends of yarn blended with each other.  It’s the pattern with a three-cross cable alternating with a two cross cable, with the levels of the crosses staggered.   It’s difficult to describe the pattern because of the way the cable crosses are patterned.  I wish I could get a better picture of it.

I’ve gotten 4 more cowls finished except for weaving in ends and sewing on buttons.  I have a hat 2/3rds finished, and I have a cowl and a hat to go.  I’ve got nine rows on that last cowl, and it’s going to be interesting.  I’m using some of that Lion Brand Homespun yarn (color: Shaker) together with some Caron Simply Soft yarn (color: black), both strands at the same time. It’s knitting up to be a very nubby, interesting “salt and pepper” mix of light grey, light brown, ecru and black.  Here’s a miscellaneous collection of goodies.

image_medium2Isn’t this wild?  It’s a knitted lap robe. No, I don’t plan to make one.  Too much stuff in the queue in front of it, and I’ve shot my yarn budget for the forseeable future.

Below are two wonderful seasonal illustrations.  I want that sled, but I’d rather have a team of Clydes hooked to it than reindeer.









nq161224The name of the comic strip it’s from is “Non sequitur” and I love this guy’s sense of humor.

shirkcember-1Have fun, stay safe, and hug the people you love.