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Tiw was a Germanic deity associated with law and heroic glory and today is his day.  So, we have Sun’s day, Moon’s day, Tiw’s day, Wodin’s day, Thor’s day, Frigg’s day, and Saturn’s day.  Three days named for astronomical objects, and four named for Germanic and Norse gods.

2016_12_20-01Gotta say, though, not a lot of heroic glory happening chez nous at the moment, although there has been some epic lap napping.  The buying and bringing home of a 30″ x 36″ piece of sheet glass is the most daring deed I’ve been able to pull off so far today — glass that was shrinked wrapped to cardboard that had been folded over the two ends, I might add, so not very death defying — unless you count the driving through local traffic to fetch it.

Got through the test all right, and was out in an hour.  Got the cat litter, mailed two packages to my first cousin twice removed in WA, got gas in the car, got the glass and some weather stripping I’m going to try on the sliding door, and made it home by 11:00, which is just fine.  I have things to do and gifts still to make as we begin our descent toward the final approach into Christmas.

Although it’s warmed up noticeably today, we’re still having Rice Krispies weather big-time, with our humidity at a sopping 15%. I had to use a rubber band to do up my hair this morning, since the barrette I usually use is metal and would have shown up on the x-rays.  2016_12_20-03But when I use a rubber band, the pony tail won’t lie flat, which is annoying and uncomfortable when you’re sitting in a wing-back chair.   When I tried to redo it with the barrette, I had a real Colin Clive moment going there for a minute.  I had to dampen my hands and run them over my hair before I could do up my pony tail.  I’m telling you.  Walk from the back bedroom into the kitchen, grab the handle on the refrigerator door and it’s like do-it-yourself electroshock therapy.

I’m about halfway finished with the horseshoe cable buttoned cowl and it is knitting up nicely.  Only 16 stitches on the needle so it goes pretty fast.

2016_12_20-02It’s probably just as swell that I’m at home now, because all that barium I drank this morning is not going gentle into that good night (my apologies to Mr. Thomas for that one).

And speaking of Mr. Thomas, I ran across this very apropos offering.

Or if you prefer your Thomas dished up with a large dollop of Denholm Elliott, there’s this:

And while we’re having Hallmark Moments, here’s this little garland Mr. Capote wove out of memory and word-craft.  Although it’s set in the snowless South, Geraldine Paige makes up for the lack of snow by sparkling with her usual consummate skill.

And for those of a musical bent here’s Carols from King’s Chapel in Cambridge, England.

Now, if all that don’t get you in the Christmas spirit, well, all I can say is, “Bah, Humbug!”