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Is how I would describe the pattern on this shirt I’m wearing.  It’s one of those fleece long-sleeved shirts I love, but it’s got this black and white “Fair Isle” style print that is so busy.  Never mind.  It’s warm, and so fuzzy-soft.

I’m up to the second right hand cross on the Hat from the Blue Lagoon, which matches the Cowl from the Blue Lagoon, which is what I’m calling them since the yarn is a mixture of flecks of dark blues and aquas and is called “Lagoon.” Hopefully I can get either it or the horseshoe buttoned cowl finished today.

I need to get up and start a load of clothes in the washing machine.  My laundry hamper runneth over.  My laundry hamper holds almost exactly enough clothes to do in one load in my washing machine.  Running the dryer will help heat up the house.  This utility room has a door between the house and garage, but then it has a second door between the utility room and the rest of the house.  I’ve been keeping the inner door closed and it’s been a kind of airlock for coming in and out of the house, not only for the sake of preventing heated air from escaping into the garage, but also for preventing the fat(cat)boy from escaping into the garage.  When I opened the inner door to get the clothes basket to empty my laundry hamper into, it was downright chilly in there.

I got my Android tablet today, but I haven’t even taken it out of the box yet.  It has been sitting in cold places for who knows how long and I thought I’d let it warm to room temperature before I start playing with it. I got a protective film for the screen and a case that has a Bluetooth keyboard in it. I’ll have to hunt where I’ve put my WiFi password so I can connect it to my WiFi without having to stand on my head to copy the password off the back of the WiFi modem. . . . Since it is Bluetooth compatible, I may look into getting some Bluetooth earphones for it.

I am not supposed to eat or drink after midnight tonight in preparation for my test tomorrow, although I can take that one pill that I have to take on an empty stomach. I think I know what test they’re going to do tomorrow, which is a barium swallow, but I’m not entirely sure of its relevance to my reflux (GERD) problem, since it is a test of the competency of your swallowing mechanism and how well it protects your windpipe.  That’s not the problem.  I know exactly what the problem is.  I had a confirmed diagnosis to that effect in 1990, and had a good, competent doctor who wanted to fix it at the same time he was having to take my gallbladder out, but the stupid health insurance company with their stupid rules wouldn’t pay for the second procedure.  Consequently, I couldn’t afford to have it done.  And because of that stupid insurance company, I’ve been on chronic medication for 25 years, with its attendant risks and side effects.  Now, when I have health care coverage and could get the problem fixed, can I get anybody to listen to me and take me seriously?  Of course not.

I phoned Overhead Door Company earlier today.  They can’t send a guy out until Wednesday, which is just fine as I’ll be out of pocket tomorrow likely for most of the day.  After the test tomorrow morning, I have to go get kitty litter, put gas in my car, and get the glass from Home Depot to cover the fireplace opening.  I probably need to go put my pipe wrench in the car and stop by mom’s and take her hoses off and put her little styrofoam dealies on her outside water spigots for her.

I think at some point Wednesday, me and my cordless drill and a couple of deck screws are going to be down in the middle of the floor doing some ‘splaning to my reader’s table about the height it’s supposed to stay at, a task I will gladly interrupt when the garage door opener guy comes.  I’ll need the reader’s table to behave now that I have the tablet.  Once I figure out how to use it to control the TV,  I’ll be able to search out YouTube videos to watch on the big TV instead of on my computer monitor, and I’ll be able to access other content over the internet. A lot of networks’ websites feature whole seasons of their shows that you can stream off the internet via your iPhone, tablet, or smart TV, as a side benefit of your cable TV subscription.  Now that I have a smart TV, and a tablet to work it, once I get it sorted, I’ll be able to settle down to some serious bingeing — binge watching and binge knitting.